A Quick Minute to Catch Up

I can’t believe I have a quick minute to write, the last month has been very hectic.  In the last month:

  • I finished up 2 major projects – Sage and Single Source.  more to come later.  I do not miss working until 3:00 in the morning, and working a good portion of the weekends.
  • I attended the company meeting in Seattle – it is always cool to go to the company meeting and see what other groups, and parts of the company are doing.
  • I repainted my office, from that hideous brown to a nice light blue with a touch of slate.
  • I got my review – and I was very happy with the way that turned out.  I have definite career goals that I want to meet, and I have been working hard to meet them.
  • I got a new Cingular 8125 phone – now I can enjoy email and a Bluetooth headset wherever I go.
  • I had a birthday – wife and daughter fixed me chicken picatta for dinner, and Nicole suggested she and mom make me cheesecake for dessert, as that is how we met (another story another time)
  • The work on the projects I just completed was recognized with an Extraordinary Achievement award from my group.  I did not expect this at all, and I actually received the award during a day off.  I think I should take time off more often.

I would have to say that the month of September, although hectic went very well.  There are some great opportunities available and I have a lot to look forward to.

I will write more when I get a chance.

I haven’t heard anything specific lately, but last I knew Preslee is doing very well.

BTW – if you haven’t checked out Ze Frank’s The Show yet, you are definitely missing out.


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