Disappearing Posts and Time Zone Configuration

Last night I created a couple of posts on WordPress using Windows Live Writer (Beta).


After I created the posts, I configured my time zone on WordPress to reflect the fact that I am in the PST time zone GMT -8 in case you are interested.

After changing my timezone, my posts disappeared from my blog. I was unable to see the posts in the WordPress Dashboard, but I could see the posts in Manage / Posts.

My initial thought was there was a problem editing posts created using Windows Live Writer and then editing using the WordPress Tools.


It turns out that changing the time zone, changed the times of the posts.  The posts kept their same time referenced using GMT, and the new time stamp reflected the next day.

I changed the time zone of the posts to reflect the actual posting time in PST, and viola the posts are now visible, and the problem is now gone.

It turns out I was the one that created this problem, so the fault is mine – it is interesting how recent posts are treated when changing the time zone. It is always interesting what trips you up as you learn to use new tools.


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