Zoho Notebook – Feature Requests

While I was working with the beta of Zoho Notebook, I ran into a few glitches.

  • I was unable to highlight web-based content, and then right-click to add it to a page.
  • I ran into some glitches saving content – the functionality wasn’t consistent, I lost content a few times.

As I was using the product, I came up with a few feature requests –

  • Content search – ability to search notebooks and pages
  • Sort and manage topics and notebooks
  • Ability to change color scheme
  • Easy access to some type of help system

Zoho Notebook seems to have the makings of a good product, they just need to get some issues worked out. I have not used any of their other products, so I am not familiar with their finished product.

One question I have is – who will have access to the content in my notebook?  Google makes no issues of the fact, that if you use Gmail, your email will be searched to match ads to content.

Zoho Notebook is a product I will keep on my radar, I will be interested to see the final product.

Update – Add a feature request – quck access to help.


2 Responses to “Zoho Notebook – Feature Requests”

  1. Raju Vegesna Says:


    First, let me thank you for taking time to review the product. Regarding the issues….currently, if you have the firefox plugin installed, you have to be logged in to Zoho Notebook before you get ‘Add to Zoho Notebook’ option on right click after selection. We do understand that this can be enhanced to a greater extend and we are working towards it.

    Regarding the save issues….we’d love to know about it. If you can email me the issue you faced for saving the book, it’ll be very helpful.

    Regarding the features, we will add a help system. There will be a help book available in your account by default which can be referred anytime. Others like content search, themes and managing books are coming.

    Please note that Notebook is 2 days old now and certainly has the initial glitches. We will iron out these issues soon and the application should be stable soon.

    Your feedback is very helpful. We’d love to hear more from you. You have my email address.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Raju has the honor of having First Post on my blog.
    I will be sending Raju additional information about the save issues I encountered. As I mentioned earlier, I think that Zoho Notebook has a lot of promise, and I look forward to seeing the final product.

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