Getting Reciprocal Links

Robert Scoble mentioned that he is having trouble with reciprocal linking on his link blog.

I am new to blogging, but I have already encountered this issue. I recently reviewed a new beta product, and actually posted a comment on the products blog.  I mentioned that I encountered a couple of issues while I was using the product, and offered a few suggestions for improvements. I thought I was fair with my assessment and I consider myself a power user of this type of application, so I believe I have some experience in this genre of products.

I have noticed a day later that neither my comment or my track back was accepted in the comments. I am as impatient as the day before.

Now I will admit that I am new to this whole trackback issue, so it is entirely possible that I got it wrong, but I don’t think I did. I had contributive information to add to the conversation, but I think because I am ‘new’ to blogging, or that I had some constructive criticism that my opinion was discounted.

I could be wrong – I guess it is possible that the group has been  overwhelmed with the beta, and comments aren’t the highest priority.

Update – Note to self – don’t be so impatient.


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