Accessing Help Using Google Notebook

Rob from Digital Crosswalks found a faster method for accessing the FAQ for Google Notebook.

He mentioned that using FireFox, and having the Google Notebook extension added you have an Open Notebook link in the right hand bottom corner of your browser.

Graphic with Google Notebook extension opened, with the Tools drop-down menu open.

Note in the graphic on the tools menu, that Help is the last option. I did not find this noted anywhere in the FAQ / Help for this application.

After Rob’s comment I took another look at the Google Notebook interface, and I did find Help in the lower left hand corner that takes you to the FAQ / Help –

Lower left hand screen while using Google Notebook

With the other links, Google Home, and Privacy I figured that the Help would be help for Google, not Google Notebook. So help is available – it just isn’t referenced and isn’t very intuitive to use.

This brings up a good point, when a user is trying to reference help, it is usually to figure out an additional option, or to get themselves out of trouble. If help isn’t easily found, it can lead to a frustrating experience, negatively impacting a users concept of the product and company behind it.

Here is the Google Notebook extension dispplays on Internet Explorer.

Google Notebook extension installed on IE 7

Google Notebook extension with Notebook visible.

Note the Google Notebook extension by the page zoom is not displayed when the Notebook is expanded. 

A tip of the hat to Rob for finding help.


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