RocketPost Ate My Post

I wanted to try out different desktop blogging software. I have been using Windows Live Writer, and I am pretty happy with it, but I figured I should take a look at other utilities to compare what is out there. How do I know I am using the best software for me, if I haven’t tried anything else.

So this is the first post written using RocketPost blog software.

I found RocketPost desktop blogging tool on Binary Digest in a post regarding Desktop Blogging Software.

The one thing that is immediately different from Windows Live Writer is that you manage your posts in one window, and create content using a separate window – see the screen shots below. I am not sure if I like that or not. Using Windows Live Writer you create a post and manage your posts in the same window.

The screen shots below are the two windows for RocketPost. The RocketPost Main window is used to manage your posts. The RocketPost Blog Post window is used to create a specific post.

RocketPost Main Window

RocketPost Blog Post Window

I will let you know what I think of this utility.

Update – I am updating this post using Windows Live Writer. After I uploaded the post using RocketPost the screen shots did not display properly. Apparently the graphics were uploaded to the wrong directory. I change the directory per Help and it still did not work. I had another post I had started to work on. After I tried to fix the directories and reload the post, RocketPost failed and shut down.

Per the demo video on Anconia’s website, if your system fails, your work is recovered. Well my work was not recovered and I had to go through the setup process again.

Help can only be accessed in the Main window, when you are in the Blog Post window, you have to go back to the main window to access help. This is a pet peeve of mine, help should be quickly accessible at all times.

I would have to say overall I am not that impressed with RocketPost. I am not sure if I will wait the full 7 days before I delete the program.

Update to add appropriate tags.


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