How to Waste Time

Here are a couple of my favorite time wasters – – A news aggregator that only serves up news of the odd and weird. All those goofy news stories your local DJs have, a lot come from this site. After news links are posted, people can comment on the topics. The comments are sometimes as good as the stories – see comic below. – People write in conversations that are overheard in New York. Some of these conversations will brighten your day, others will make you cringe.

Best of – Posts on Craigslist are voted on, and the best ones make it to this list. Some are very funny.

I can has – Who thought posting pictures of cats with goofy captions would be so funny. This is the number 1 blog on WordPress at this time. All the captions are done using what you could call ‘cat speak’ – from the site – a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language. Who knew stick figures would be so funny. My personal favorite on the current state of commenting –


Update – Add Harvey’s Site – A misanthrope’s guide to life. FYI: misanthrope – noun:   someone who dislikes people in general, now you know. A humorous roast of craigslist posts in the Kansas area.


One Response to “How to Waste Time”

  1. harvey Says:

    i guess i’m kind of competing with craigslist best…and i’m only checking out kansas city for the most part…
    have fun reading clist of the day…and yes it is hard to choose…sometimes i have to add one or two more…

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