Desktop Blogging Tools – BlogJet 2.0

I was checking Technorati for ‘Desktop Blogging Tools’ and I came across a post in January from Blogs News Watch announcing the release of BlogJet 2.0.

I reviewed the BlogJet demo posted online, and this looks like a pretty impressive product with wide variety of features. I currently use Windows Live Writer, but after watching this demo, I look forward to giving BlogJet a try.

A few features of BlogJet 2.0

  • Flickr and YouTube Support
  • Spellchecker
  • File Attachments
  • Previous Post Management and Search

One thing I noticed on the download page for BlogJet is a wide variety of additional dictionaries that can be installed including French, German and Spanish.

The last product I tried – RocketPost was disappointing, the program crashed and I ended up losing post content.

Last note – the demo video created is very well done. It reviews the products and its capabilities very effectively. Good use of video media.

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