Overview of Careers in Technology

Here is a quick overview and resources I gave during my talks at the NW Youth Career Expo.

Here are some of the major categories of technical careers available in technology related companies. These definitions are very high level overviews.

Core Technical

  • ◦Program Manager – Drive the technical vision, design and implementation of next-generation software solutions.
  • ◦Software Design Engineer – Write code and process to create product.
  • ◦Software Design Engineer in Test – Test code and process of product.


Human Resources


User Assistance/Content Development

  • Technical Writer – Create documentation on features and how to use products.
  • Programmer Writer – Create code samples and explanations for customers.
  • Usability Engineer – Conduct research to create easier to use and more functional.


Tech Operations

  • System Engineer – Support the implementation, integration, and evolution of complex systems architecture.
  • Security System Engineer – Ensure the performance, availability, and stability of the security monitoring systems.
  • Network Analyst – Monitor, diagnose, and resolve all network-related problems.

I have grayed out a couple of categories as these groups are not specific to a technology oriented company.

For additional career information feel free to review Microsoft.com/college.

Download a hobbyist version of Visual Studio for FREE, with access to development content to help you learn how to use the programs.  XNA Game Studio Express can be used as an environment to create games. Use these tools to learn the Microsoft Development platform.

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