Building a Brand – Surveys

I was over at ZDNet reading an article by Ryan Steware concerning Dekoh. I wanted to post a comment on. So I clicked Add your opinion and was asked if I wanted to take a survey.

I am ok with helping companies try to hone their brands so I said ok. The beginning of the survey said something about winnind something – that is how much I paid attention.

After about 10 or so screens, and having answered about 50 or so questions I looked at the progress bar and noticed I wasn’t even half way complete. I was being asked questions about what type of car I wanted. Do I want a cool car, a hip car, or a professional car. What brands do I associate with those words.

Needless to say, I quit the survey. If you want to take my time with a survey, it needs to be concise – from – adjective:   expressing much in few words. If it is some type of long and meandering survey I better be offered compensation for my time somehow.

Surveying your customers or potentials customers is fine, but don’t waste their time, be appreciative, after all even if you are compensating them, they are still helping you meet your goals.

After quitting the survey, I continued trying to comment and noticed that ZDNet wanted a bunch of personal information, by that time I was done filling out forms, so I ended up not commenting.


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