OneNote 2007 – Highlighting Four Sweet Features

I have posted quite a few times on some of the other applications in the information aggregator product space. Think of these tools as an electronic version of an old fashion notebook used to store all your notes. Microsoft Office OneNote 2007, is the Microsoft offering in this category.

I mentioned this in comments but I think that these features are worth a separate post.

  • Capture screenshots
  • Text recognition in pictures
  • Audio and Video Recording
  • Audio Search

Tell me those aren’t sweet features! The above features are just some of the reasons I love OneNote.

Let us take a more in depth look at each feature:

Capture Screenshots

Even when closed, OneNote continues to run in your computer’s system tray. By pressing Window logo key + S, your screen is muted and your mouse becomes crosshairs. Select an area of the screen by clicking and dragging the mouse to capture the shot. The screen capture will be added to OneNote in a new page. The following is an example of a screen capture taken using OneNote.

This does not have the functionality of a full screen capture utility, but if you don’t have anything else on your system it works very well. 

Text Recognition in Pictures

OneNote can recognize text in pictures / graphics that have been inserted into your notes. So the text in this graphic can be search, or copied out. You could search on “What’s hot, and why!” and this page would be displayed

You have the ability to right click on a graphic to copy the text out of the graphic. Here is the content created from copying the text from this graphic. I have pasted it in as a graphic to let you see exactly how this came across.

For some reason it appears that WTF, and the If did not get recognized correctly , but I would say that overall it did pretty well. Honestly this is the first try that I have done with the wording in the graphic all over the place, and I don’t remember OneNote not being able to recognize characters. 

But let us break down the content – I copied this content into word and here are the statistics I got:

  • Lines – 7
  • Words – 51
  • Characters – 269
  • Characters (with spaces) – 320

So ignoring spaces – we have 269 characters. Of those 269, 3 letters were recognized incorrectly. So we end up with 3/269 = .011, or a little over 1% of the content was recognized incorrectly. That means that 99% of the content was recognized correctly. I would call that good. Keep in mind that it also tried to leave the original formatting and spacing.

Audio and Video Recording

Using OneNote you have the ability to perform audio and video recording. To record audio you will need a microphone – most laptops have these built-in, and for video you will need a video capture device such as a webcam.

There is a microphone on the tool bar to initiate recording, and during recording a Audio and Video Recording toolbar is displayed. A small audio/video icon will appear next to notes that include a recording. Clicking the icon, will play back the audio or video.

Audio Search

After audio and video have been added to your notes, and with the Audio Search feature enabled, you will be able to search your audio and video recordings for words in the same way you would search for typed text in your notes. One thing to keep in mind, is that the recording does need to be done with a decent microphone.

I think that you will have to agree that these 4 features are pretty impressive. You should download a trial version of OneNote and take it for a test drive!


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