Positive Press for Zoho and Sun Microsystems

I am sure by now we have all heard the issues that Zooomr has encountered – they tried to perform a major upgrade and a bad scenario happened and now they have been down for a week plus.

Scoble posted a story about how Zoho (and Sun Microsystems) saves the day for Zooomr.

Zoho is a group that is working on Internet-based applications. I wrote up my first impressions of using Zoho Notebook compared to some other applications.

I posted a couple of issues with Zoho Notebook, which is still in beta and I received feedback and requests for information from them very quickly. I also posted some features that I thought needed to be address for a information aggregator, and again, they were very prompt to respond.

I have not had a chance to use the other Zoho applications, but I have been impressed by their positive reaction to constructive criticism and their desire to produce better more effective application.

This is an excellent way to build tons of community goodwill. Zoho will be known as the group willing to help people out, which I think will cause users to want to help them out.

Kudos to Zoho and Sun!

Update – Kevin at Kevin’s Photo Blog has some additional information about the details of the help being given by Zoho and Sun.

Good news and good will travels fast as example by:

Zoli’s Blog – Zooomr is On the Way to Recovery

Matsu’s World: The One Less Traveled – Zooomr receives a little help from some friends

This is the kind of advertising and brand building that is priceless.

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2 Responses to “Positive Press for Zoho and Sun Microsystems”

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