Google Windows Peeping – Follow Up

It has been rumored that Google Map Zoom Feature will be renamed Google Windows Peeping.

Some additional information has surface regarding this project, along with the collaborative project code named ‘bring down I can has cheezburger‘.

The project ‘bring down I can has cheezburger’ has two facets of the project – Operation Voyeur and Cat Langwij. Operation Voyeur works in the field collecting graphic data, and Cat Langwij is working on creating code to label the graphics.

Operation Voyeur vehicles used to leer unabashedly into windows for pictures of cats have been identified on, and are associated with Immersive Media. It has been reported that the vehicles are doused with tuna water before they are sent into the field to increase feline antics.

The Cat Langwij team was overheard saying WTF as they have encountered problems and have only been able to create a language that mimics a teenager texting swear words. The team has started to read the book LOLCode and is doing better.

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2 Responses to “Google Windows Peeping – Follow Up”

  1. oneighturbo Says:


    Thanks for stopping by. Hasn’t Microsoft had the streetview for sometime now?

    – Corey

  2. Thomas Says:

    Corey – At this point the graphics in Microsoft Live Search are a bird’s eye view on the maps. Faces and other ground level details are not displayed.
    Here is a preview of Live Search Map including Seattle, Wa and San Francisco, CA, but one of the differences in implementation is that Microsoft is looking for ways to obscure personal information such as faces and license plates.

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