Linking Mistakes from Andy Beard

Andy Beard wrote Linking Mistakes on Niche Marketing. He writes about coming common mistakes people make creating links to other blogs. Some of the high level points, Andy goes into more depth on his blog post.

  • Linking to top level domains rather than posts
  • Using a link from Google Search results
  • Tracking Links from within Feedburner or Alexa
  • Copying a Link from a comment

Andy says you should do your best to ‘Give People Good Links”

Being a newer blogger, I do my best to give people good links, but I don’t get any reciprocal links. I guess that is one of the things that just takes time.

A poster Opal from Vegan Momma, mentioned that she had tried using Alexa but didn’t get good results.

One of the ways I have been most successful getting hits on my site, is to use Technorati, and comment on posts that are on topic with what I am writing about. I write about similar topics as Robert Scoble, so I make sure that when I post there that I am very on topic, and only link if my post adds value. Robert’s blog has redirected a good bit of traffic my way.

I don’t just randomly spam posts as Andy mentions not to do, I read a post, and then reply to that post (on topic) and then mention that I wrote a post that works with the post in this manner (give link).

I know that my blog previously didn’t get any hits. Now I have been doing pretty well – not that I really know other people’s traffic.

I have been focusing on writing good solid content, and I try to link to posts to create value add. I have been watching my stats and have even noticed that some of my posts have driven traffic to other sites. Now as Andy says I wait for those sites to see the value add I bring and start linking back – then Technorati Authority here I come.

As an example, when I after I post this topic with appropriate Technorati tags, I am going to comment on Andy’s blog, and I will comment on Opal’s blog referring to my post and furthering this discussion.

Update – the glaring word error – coming for common had to be fixed.


16 Responses to “Linking Mistakes from Andy Beard”

  1. Bluerose Says:

    to each his own I guess. I think wordpress is designed basically for writers, im an artist so anything thatd cramp my need of creativity i automatically discard. the posts you wordpress people are comentin to are not actually posts in wordpress, im writing them in my blogger & importing them in wordpress. so you see I do love wordpress still because i didnt want my old blog to get a natural death, im still sustaining it thru blogger coz i want to keep it up. The only thing I hate is wordpress crampping me to play around with scripts. with too many conditions.

    by the way thanks for the technorati tip

    I hope you could visit my real blog & comment too

  2. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    I’ve had the random spam posts on my blog and to be honest it’s annoying. If I cannot add value to what is being discussed, I won’t comment. Andy’s post made a lot of sense because I knew Alexa had slowed down but after reading his post it made a lot of sense.

    I was dropping a few 100k every few days, and I slowed down to perhaps 10 – 40k. Once I eliminated Alexa the number drop began. I visit a lot of blogs and of course read the post thoroughly before commenting. It’s just good manners.

    I completely agree with you content is king. If you are tossing up junk then you won’t receive a lot of traffic.

    Technorati tags are very helpful also I’ve noticed adding images to your posts will gather traffic from those seeking images.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Bluerose – Happy to help with the Technorati Tags tip. If you sign up for Technorati to get a feel for what the popular search terms are will ensure that your tags will have meaning for people and drive content to your site. I would love to hear what you were unable to do on WordPress that you can do on Blogger. I am always interested in comparisons.

    Opal: Vega Momma – wow – nice traffic stats. You mentioned on Andy’s site that you just started taking your blog seriously – how long has it taken to get your traffic to that level? I have been serious for about a week, and 300 is a good day for me.
    I understand what you mean about good manners reading a post and commenting appropriately. Seeing the word women or cars in a post and then writing something out of context to get links, will not build goodwill.
    In some of my comparison technical peices I add images, is there anything you need to do to let people know there are images in the post?

  4. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    I would be curious about that also. WordPress is Open Source, and there are numerous themes to fit whatever your style. I’m an artist and quite a few of my art friends use WP.

    It took me a little over four weeks I’ve been documenting my progress. I’ve talked about it a few times on my blog. Clicking on my name will take you to all the posts marked Alexa Ranking. My goal is to get under 100k by the end of this month. My momentum has started to slow down. MY AR is a little over 180k.

    If you haven’t already removed the nofollow tag you should. Search spiders don’t follow nofollow tags. You need to install the WP plug in that removes those tags. They say the Alexa widget helps also. I installed it on my blog about two weeks ago, but I didn’t see any difference with my number drop; however, it is cool to see my Alexa Ranking.

    I created two new websites last month I went from an Alexa ranking of 0 to under one million in a little over two weeks.

    What do I do…
    1. update often with quality content. In many of my posts I ask my readers questions. I want them involved.
    2. Being personable I encourage dialogue on my blog.
    3. I make people remember me when I visit a new blog I’ll make specific comments about something they’ve written. I usually ask them a question. This usually has them come to my website.
    4. Check my admin panel to see who’s commented about me. That’s how I found you (by the way thanks for the mention.)
    5. Join social networking sites such as

    Join Stumbled Upon Stumble sites, including your own.

    6. Go out and visit other blogs my readers range from web developers to work at home moms.

  5. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    I posted a few seconds ago but I think Spam got my comment so check it out. It was a very long reply and I included links to a few places that will help drive more traffic to your website.

  6. Bluerose Says:

    Hi Thomas.. actually its more of tinkering around with the templates with wordpress conditions of ‘upgrading first before you meddle around with our scripts’. And the adsense issue too. WordPress frowns on any ads.

  7. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Thank you for the great information! I will continue to watch your blog as you are a good source of information. I think WordPress got cranky with the number of links – I am glad it was put in moderation so I was able to add your content. Also when you were mentioning your numbers, I am not familiar with Alexa, I thought you were talking about views. I note that you have a pretty decent Technorati rating also.

    Bluerose – It sounds like you want to be able to have a more customizable site then you get with the default templates here. You should take a look again as there are quite a few newer templates and maybe one of those will meet your needs. Also did you play with the widgets at all? Using widgets for the sidebar is an easy way to modify the default templates and add scripts. You don’t get to modify CSS without an upgrade, but there is quite a bit you can do. One thing I did note on your Blogger account is that the title of your blogg is cut off by the Blogger banner.

  8. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    Ah I see. I’m not there yet but I will be and so can you.

    In May, I have my highest number of visitors ever initially I thought it was a glitch. The month of June has just started, and I’ve almost matched my page views for May. This month I’ve currently had 2969 unique urls. The total unique sites for last month was 23,618. The month of April was 15,184 and the month of March it was I as averaging 280 hits per hour. My page views have shot up also since the month of March. My numbers have been increasing.

    Although in March I wasn’t thinking about SEO I was just starting to think about the direction I saw my blog heading. Vegan Momma changed from talking almost exclusively about Veganism to talking about that and everything else the two new websites I create to deal almost exclusively with Vegetarianism or health & nutrition so I have my niche blogs.

    My website has been around for a little over two years but my technorati rating was low until a little over a month ago as I said before I started to get serious.

    If you’re looking to monetize your website it might be a good idea to purchase your on domain and url if you haven’t already. I’ve ready numerous articles on why you should. I did that from the beginning.

    I host WordPress on my own server so I can do whatever I want with it. I have one auction ad up, but I’m still toying with the placement so I haven’t added anything else yet but I will.

    I’m still a newbie when it comes to SEO, but I’m willing and eager to learn. I’ve learned so much already!

  9. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    I think Andy mentioned in a prior post that on some blogs his comments would usually end up in spam. I have the same issue when responding on some blogs.

  10. Bluerose Says:

    Thomas – Thats true, I cant modify coz I dont want to upgrade. I couldnt be content w/ just playing around & modifying widgets I’d have to change the templates suited for my own & blogger is giving what I couldnt get from wordpress w/o giving conditions of ‘upgrade first’.

    & Thomas, thanks for pointing it out, I must have set the title font size and letter space & the blogbox width to higher than usuall. Thing is im using a big monitor that evrything seemed falls in the right place.

    Opal: Vega Momma – Open source, i’d like to know more about how to design my own page in wordpress, maybe I just gave up easily on wordpress & didnt actually make some research with the ‘help’ button & stuff. If you could tell me exactly how will I do it without upgrading like what blogger offers, & im convinced then I just might reconsider wordpress. And yet still, the adsense issue remains.

  11. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Wow you get about as many hits in an hour as I get in a day! Great job. I did purchase my domain – scissormonkey[dot]com, but I haven’t done anything with it yet. Not sure if I just want to redirect it to my blog, or actually have a page, that links to my blog. At this point I am not really looking to monetize – I want to get into Technical Evangelism, and to do that you have to have some pull with the community – so I am more trying to work on creating my brand – ME. Sorry your posts keep being caught by the spam filter. I keep allowing your posts and the system is supposed to learn, so hopefully your posts will just start coming through. I do appreciate all your help!

    Bluerose – Opal’s post was being held hostage by my spam blocker for a while I’m not sure if you have noticed that she runs WordPress on her own server. This might be why she has more flexibility. Hopefully you will have some kind of answer tomorrow, she has been very helpful to me.
    Happy to let you know about your layout – hopefully if something isn’t right on my blog someone would point it out.

  12. Bluerose Says:

    Allow me to comment. Overall its ok, the content says it all, the design.. well youre a technical writer so it fits you. Im the one whose eccentric coz im the artist so my blog is expected to be creative. But with a writer, it nust be straight to the point.

    Although I think writing and aesthetics should really go together, it wouldnt hurt if you add a little more color & symmetry to your site. Like for example you need margins, and youre using 3-4 colors at the most, you can add 5 more colors and it could look slick. It just have to blend with the other colors.

  13. Thomas Says:

    Bluerose – Thanks for the feedback – you are right for the most part I want to keep the layout straightfoward and easy to use. At this point I know I want my overall layout to be:
    – Left Column – Static content
    – Middle – Blog Posts
    – Right Column – Dynamic content
    I think my site is pretty readable and I am trying to focus on ensuring I have a good set of content. I figured after I have some good solid content I will focus on working on the design more.

  14. Thomas - Technical Blogger Akismet Thinks I Spammed My Own Blog « Says:

    […] have had a good discussion on my post Linking Mistakes from Andy Beard, and it seems every time Opal: Vegan Momma posts, that it is caught as spam. 4 posts over a couple […]

  15. Bluerose Says:

    Thomas thanks for the talk.

    I feel I’m gonna be needing information on your site someday

    Can I link you

    May you always enjoy writing!



  16. Thomas Says:

    Bluerose – I am happy to have people link to my site. Hopefully you will be able to find the resources, or at least links to the resources you need.

    Feel free to contact me if you have questions – there is a contact button on the page that will initiate an email.

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