Positive Press for Zoho and Sun Microsystems – Follow Up

I thought I would follow up to see what kind of evidence I could find to lend support to what I had mentioned in an earlier post concerning the positive press that Zoho and Sun had earned for themselves.

I did a little research on Technorati to find the reaction in the blogosphere and here is what I came up with:

Here are the post numbers for the last 4 days:

  • 286 Blog Posts on Technorati searching for Zooomr / Zoho
  • 640 Blog Posts on Technorati searching for Zooomr / Sun – this stat is skewed, there are a lot of posts previous to 4 days ago that reference the Sun in the sky
  • 290 Blog Posts on Technorati searching for Zoho / Sun
  • 144 Blog Posts on Technorati searching for Zooomr / Zoho / Sun

Here are some of the reactions posted in blogs around the world:

Zoli Erdos on Zoli’s Blog – Update on My Z-life

“Thank you guys for the wonderful display of community spirit, and I am drinking a little Z-wine in your honor.”

Download Blog.it – Zooomr Mark III è finalmente online

Google translation – “Thanks to a post of the former evangelist of Microsoft (Robert Scoble) that are arrive the aids to you of Zoho, Sun, Dell and an other company that is intentional to remain anonymous.”

Frank Hamm on Injelea – Scoble und Zoho retten Zooomr

Google Translation – “Zoho erhörte the assistance call and helped. Robert Scoble participated in the middle at the night and got thereby also some more of Googles DATA center with (Hanging out into the Zoho DATA centers):”

Official Zooomr Blog by Thomas Hawk

 Zoho Saves the Day

“on Wednesday morning Zoho was the first company to respond. Zoho for those of you who don’t know them are a kick ass online application company.”


“On Thursday we had more good news. Sun Microsystems sent over a loaner as well. A “Thumper,” which is a massive 42 hard drive media storage machine. The Sun guys came over to the data center and delivered it personally.”

Dell is also mentioned for their work

“Dell flew in parts to fix our failed server and had a tech personally come out and repair it for us.”

Robert Scoble on Scobleizer

Hanging out in the Zoho data center

Raj from Zoho is also here, he has been helping out a lot and putting in his own time to help Zooomr get restarted.

Zoho (and Sun Microsystems) saves the day for Zooomr

“Thomas Hawk and Kristopher Tate are in the Zoho datacenter. You can watch them here. Sun Microsystems also is sending over a loaner server with 42 terabytes of storage.”

This is just a small part of the posts and good will that has been generated and positive branding for these companies that has been reinforced. It is these kinds of activities that associate that good feeling when you think about a brand.

The posts that I read were very positive, and it is obvious the positive impact this collaboration has had on the community. I for one am very happy to see this kind of collaboration and community building, and I hope to see this type of competitive collaboration in the future.

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