Windows Live Writer – Upload Video Plug-in

The other day I posted Windows Live Writer Embedded Video, and how cool I thought is was the video I embedded displayed right in Live Writer.

My joy was short lived as I reviewed the post on my blog, the video link was not correct, and all I saw was the dreaded empty box, with a rude, taunting red X. I had to manually edit the entry using the WordPress web interface, and convert the link.

Scøtt of Scottisafooldev left a link in a comment concerning a plug-in he wrote for adding a video link to a blog entry. I thought I should try it out.

First of all be sure to install the plug-in using the Add a Plugin link using your editor. Initially I just tried to install the program directly from my browser and imagine my surprise when it did not work.

After install the Insert Video plug-in appears in the Windows Live Writer interface as the last entry in the Insert Link list as follows:


Now I will test adding video using this plug-in in this post. I will add the Zoho Notebook announcement.

Using the Insert Video Plug-in
  1. Click Insert Video  to initiate the process. This will bring up the Insert Video window.
  2. Insert the link to the video in the Video Link text box and set any options you want
  3. Click Insert. The video will then be added to your editor.


Using Windows Live Writer the video will be displayed in the editor. The video below, the Zoho Notebook Announcement from YouTube is the video I used in this post.
Video should be here –

After I upload this post, I will add a quick update to let you know the results. Depending on the how the plug-in works I will either thank or berate Scøtt for the tip.

I will say that the install and plug-in interface look professional and are easy to use. Also it is easy to send feedback and access Scøtt’s blog.


Ok – the plug-in did not quite work for WordPress. I will send Scøtt feedback to see if there is something I might be doing incorrectly. Other plug-ins and enhancements can download other plug-ins for Windows Live Writer at the Windows Live Gallery.

Here is how the video appears in Windows Live Writer


Here is how the video appeared on the blog post the video should be where the highlighted text Video Should be here –


Update 2 – I am in correspondence with Scøtt, and it appears that WordPress deals with uploading an embedded video link a bit different than the other blog services. I will let you know when I hear of any progress.

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3 Responses to “Windows Live Writer – Upload Video Plug-in”

  1. Thomas - Technical Blogger Windows Live Writer - Embed Video for WordPress « Says:

    […] Live Writer – Embed Video for WordPress June 6th, 2007 — Thomas I wrote about embedding a video to display in your WordPress post. In this post I document trying using Scøtt of Scottisafooldev Insert Video […]

  2. Gothangel Says:

    Absolutely perfect, thank you very very much!

  3. NetTim Says:

    It is not “upload” a video to blog. Just embedded a video streaming link with some video sharing service web site.

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