Windows Live Writer – Follow Up with Additional Resources

This is a follow up to my original post on the release of Windows Live Writer Beta 2. After using the program for a couple of days I have learned more about using the program, and have found some great additional resources.

I am still very happy with Windows Live Writer, but hopefully this information will help you come up to speed more quickly.

Things I have learned:

Categories are in a different location in the updated interface, they are at the bottom under the content window, for my specifics try my post here – Windows Live Writer – Finding Categories. If you expand this bottom area, there is additional functionality such as trackbacks and pings.

Embedding video using WordPress. You are able to embed the video using Windows Live Writer, and the play video graphic is even displayed. At this time, the embedded video will not post correctly. You still need to use the WordPress Video tool, to convert the link to be used within Writer. More detailed information.

Scott of Scott is a fool dev created the Insert Video plug-in, but it doesn’t work for WordPress at this time.

It is very easy to edit an existing post. If it is already posted and written using Live Writer, than select the title from the right panel. If the title is not displayed, click more, and select it from the Open window. The Open window can also be used to edit posts that were already posted, and not created with Live Writer.

Additional Resources

Scott – – Windows Live Writer Beta 2 (aka Scott is a fool dev) – Updated Finally. A thorough overview of the new functionality and features, what is fixed, and what he hopes to see in upcoming versions.

Chris – Windows Live Installer Problems? Try This – If you need help troubleshooting your installation, this is the post to review.

James – Geek in Paradise – Windows Live Writer Beta 2 Released -If you are having problems with your blog settings, you may need to update your account configuration. Review the quick update at the bottom of the post.

Documentation for the Windows Live Writer SDK – Feel like programming for the Windows Live Writer API, this is the documentation that will help you get it done. You can use the API set to launch Writer, extend the capabilities of Writer and customize functionality and add features to the interface. You can even customize the Weblog panel at the top of the sidebar –


Because I blog on WordPress, Writer already has the weblog panel customized, but the screen shot above gives you an idea of the functionality possible. Using this panel I can view my site, display the WordPress Dashboard, display my comments as well as quick link to display other portions of the interface.

Additional plug-ins and enhancements can be downloaded for Windows Live Writer at the Windows Live Gallery.

If you have a new favorite feature or a great resource, let me know. Good luck and happy blogging.

Jesse’s – New versions of Live Writer, Messenger, and Mail also additional resources for Windows Live Messenger and Windows Live Mail.


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