Zoho Announces APIs Made Easier

Zoho who released an award winning online productivity suite has announced Zoho APIs for Zoho Writer, Zoho Street, and Zoho Show. These APIs are made to be easier for developers to use.

From the announcement:

The Zoho API for Zoho Writer, Sheet & Show have been made more developer friendly. In addition to the existing XML-RPC format, we have added the REST APIs as well. This makes it a lot easier for the developers to read data by just making HTTP GET requests to Zoho. The new storage REST APIs for :

Zoho Writer
Zoho Sheet
Zoho Show

The Zoho APIs have 2 main categories:

  • Storage API – Used to manipulate data in different Zoho Services.
  • Remote API – Allows 3rd party applications use of the feature editor of Zoho Services and then push the updated content to their own servers.

There are already web services that have implemented these APIs such as Onmidrive and Box.net.

There is solid documentation on the Zoho API to help developers implement this new set of APIs. I will be interested to see additional implementations of these new Zoho APIs.

Update – A more technical explanation on of the REST, Representative State Transfer APIs here on Go2IndiaWeb20 of the REST APIs.


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