Internet Site – Time Wasters Round 2

As it just turned Friday, I thought I would use this chance to test Scøtt’s of Scottisafool Insert Video for WordPress plug-in installation. I tested the plug-in the other day, and it worked great, now I will test the new plug-in for a video while letting you know some time wasters.

Today’s time wasting video is Demetri Martin interpreting Selfish Jean by Travis. Demetri Martin is known for his segment ‘Trends’ on John Stewart’s The Daily Show. Also look up some of his routines on YouTube, funny stuff.

YouTube – Selfish Jean by Travis Interpreted by Demetri Martin

You only see the embed video code in the viewer, but it does display correctly when uploaded.

Another Internet favorite Foamy the grumpy squirrel at ill will press. Foamy is probably not the best choice for work, even though he is a cartoon squirrel, he has a foul mouth, and some of the topics are racy. Check the toons link for the archive, and a bunch of Foamy goodness.

Enjoy, and please waste time responsibly.


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