John Nack – CS3 Icon

John Nack of Adobe posts that a mosaic portrait of him has been created by the talented Greek illustrator Charis Tsevis (profile, portfolio).


Charis creates mosaics of icons or images to create his finished work, and does some pretty interesting work as you can see.

There is a tutorial in Greek that walks you through the process. There are quite a few screen shots, so you still get the idea of how Charis is doing his work.

I find this to be very creative, and the end result is very interesting. It is worth clicking on the picture to see how the image looks in different sizes.

The image above is licensed by

There is a Creative Commons license attached to this image. AttributionNoncommercialShare Alike

I appreciate seeing work by people that have vivid imaginations like this, but when I see work like this, I feel like a monkey using a rock as a hammer when I try to be creative.

Photo: Pete Oxford


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2 Responses to “John Nack – CS3 Icon”

  1. Charis Tsevis Says:

    Hi Thomas.
    Let me thank you for your kind post about my work.
    Greetings from Athens, Greece.


  2. Thomas Says:

    Charis – Greetings from the Portland, Oregon.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I am a regular reader of John’s blog after watching an interview of him on the Scoble Show, and he never fails to disappoint with interesting artistic oriented information.

    From the beginning looking at your website, you can see that you have a good eye on design. I appreciate the creative work that you do – and will watch what you are up to in the future.

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