Live Meeting 2005

Most of us are familiar with conferencing over the telephone. You dial into a line, and then everyone has the chance to talk to the group. For larger groups someone will manage the phone operations. This is very helpful, unless you have information that needs to be displayed during these telephone presentations. One of the available solutions on the market to meet this need is Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2005.

First off, for those of you not familiar with the application, from the Microsoft Office Live Meeting Feature Guide on the Live Meeting 2005 website:

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is an integrated, interactive, and easy to use online meeting solution for small collaborative meetings and large events and training. Built with a familiar Microsoft® Office look and feel, Live Meeting introduces innovative new functionality clip_image00211and benefits that make online meetings more successful and enhance real-time collaboration.

OK – so what is the translation of the above? Live Meeting is an application that allows you to hold meetings online using the web. You have the ability to upload  and display information during the web-based meeting. The participants no longer need to be in the same room, but can be in different geographic locations, and using the Live Meeting console they will all have similar meeting experiences.

Meetings of All Sizes

Using Live Meeting there is the ability to meet and interact with groups of all sizes. You can hold small group meetings with members in different locations, or hold large scale informational meetings with an audience of 1,000 people.

Share Information

Live Meeting can be used to create and share content. You can share common document types such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint. You also have the ability to share your desktop or an application, that allow participants to view in real time. This allows you to demonstrate a application on your desktop real time, without additional tools, hardware or programs. You can display a web slide to allow participants to view information from a web page. These are just a couple of ways information can be shared with the audience.

Participant Interaction

There are a variety of methods participants can use to interact. Presenters can create polls to get feedback from the audience, or use annotations to draw or highlight information on material being displayed. Attendees can ask questions or give feedback and there is also the ability to chat. The environment can be set to be very interactive or restrictive depending on the needs of the event. If necessary you can even give the boot to overly feisty attendee.

Live Meeting is a very flexible meeting tool. No longer is it necessary for groups to be face to face incurring traveling expenses and lost productivity while away from the office. Now the meeting can be held, and participants can attend from their desk or a meeting room. It is a tool that allows interaction and transfer of information without the disruption of having to travel somewhere to receive the content face to face.

If you have not used this type of application you should definitely give it a try. You could attend your next meeting at home while wearing bunny slippers and your bathrobe, still coming across as professional as ever.

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