RocketPost 2 – Second Try

I decided it was time to clean house on my computer, and remove any programs I wasn’t still using. I noticed Aconia RocketPost that I had tried to use to write a post for my blog, so I figured I would bring the program up one more time before I uninstalled it. My previous experience was not the best.

  • I wrote up a post. The interface took a little getting used to, but it wasn’t that bad.
  • In the middle up uploading the post, the program failed.
  • The demo on the website demonstrated how when RocketPost would restart the post would be recovered – that did not happen.
  • The upload to my blog failed, but created an empty post with my original post title – I noticed this on Technorati. When I clicked on the post I received a 404 error. I created a post with the same title as an explanation to my readers to ensure they didn’t just receive a bad link.
  • My overall experience with my first try was lacking.

When I opened the program I noticed there was an update available, so I figured I would review the new features. A few of the new features caught my eye, so I figure I had better review the whole feature list and found features I really liked.

New Features

  • Reports – View when and how often you tend to post, word count. Track your productivity by seeing your best and worst posting times
  • Crop Picture – You can crop a picture that you have added to the editor

Existing Features

  • Sync with server – Work from anywhere by uploading drafts and downloading the latest versions of your posts
  • Pop-up posts – Press F8 while browsing the Web, and a miniature new post pops up; save a snippet or write a post
  • Auto related posts – Automatically insert a list of related links at the end of your post
  • Full text search – Instantly find and link to previous posts
  • Scheduling – Publish posts automatically at some date and time in the future

Continue reading for further coverage of reports and full text search, and my summary.

My favorite two features are Reports and Full Text search. These are features I want, that are lacking in the current version of Windows Live Writer.

Reports Example – Hours of Day / Days of Week / Word Count




Apparently I have written over 21,000 words, and .28 of a 300 page book while I have been blogging.

Full Text Search – I like being able to perform a full text search from the main interface:


Note that when you highlight an entry, the post is displayed in the lower window.

I also liked the way the synch with server worked. After synching with the server and downloading the amount of posts you want based on number of posts, date range or all, the posts will be displayed in the main window.

You have the ability to crop a image, after it has been added. You can resize an image smaller, but you are unable to make an image larger after it has been inserted.

I think being able to scheduling a post to upload at a later time is a pretty cool feature. Using Status from the Writing window, you have the option to post the content at a later time.


RocketPost ran slow on my system. Asking it to perform an action  normally took a while, and I was unable to associate a category with my post, the list was not accessible. I did not find help to be that helpful – I had trouble locating help on how to schedule a post – I stumbled on how to do it reviewing features on the website. I like the features of RocketPost 2, but I am not sold on the functionality. You also have to pay almost $40 for this program, as the Basic / Free version only allows you to post on Blogger. Taking into account the price and stability issues I encountered, I don’t think this is the program for me.

In the end I was unable to upload this post to my blog- I received an error, Couldn’t get post ID. I was unable to upload content to my blog with either versions. I think the attitude that RocketPost 2 and I have for each other is mutual.

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5 Responses to “RocketPost 2 – Second Try”

  1. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    That’s too bad. I use Scrivener for all my text. The main computers I use now are Mac’s.
    I’m working on a cookbook, and several health related articles I can rearrange chapters to my hearts content it goes well beyond the word processor. I really enjoy it. I really enjoy reading your blog good solid content!
    I still have a HP notebook and I know I’ll still build computers because I truly enjoy the process.

  2. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    I don’t think “Scrivener” lets you post to blogs. I’m not sure since I haven’t tried all its features. The software is geared towards “writers” but a lot of your writers also blog. I think I’ll be contacting the creator and see whether that is in the works.

    I recently contacted the creator of another software program I purchased, and he got back to me within the same day. I was impressed.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Thanks for the positive comments on my content. I definitely appreciate feedback on my blog. I have been working hard to ensure that I have good solid content for people to use.

    I am not overly familiar with Macs or Scrivener, but it sounds like a useful tool. If you write from multiple computers, you should take a look at They offer a suite of productivity tools – Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations online. You would be able to access your content anytime you are online, using any type of computer – Windows or Mac.

    If you are running Windows on your HP notebook, you should try using Windows Live Writer. It is the tool I use to write my blog and I have found it to be an excellent tool, I am very happy with it. It allows you to create content while offline and then upload it when you get connected.

    I have had pretty good luck writing to software developers also. I wrote to Scott about the Insert Video plug-in for WordPress – WordPress embed’s video a bit different and he replied and actually released a new plug-in that works.

  4. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    Thanks for the information I’ll definitely look into Windows LiveWriter. I’ll be going on vacation in a few weeks and this would definitely come in handy since I’ll be taking both notebooks.

    My daughter views the HP (or as she calls it) Zizzy as “hers”. (I’m not sure why she gave the HP that name.) She’s only four years old but is already familiar with the computer. Her computer time is in the evenings after we’ve come in for the day.

    About eight years, ago in my Network + and A+ class there was a boy that was 11 years old and he was a whiz when it came to computers. He had a love for technical aspects of computers, and his parents encouraged it. I’m already seeing a similar interest with my daughter. It will be amazing to see where he finishes.

    I want to learn more about the technical aspects of Mac’s. Its new territory for me for a while I had the same feeling I did when I first started with the technical aspects of Windows OS. LOL

    How cool that he created a new plug-in! I’ve found most of the software developers to be very friendly. I contacted one recently, and he sent me a beta version of the newly updated software. I haven’t found any bugs. I like it a lot better!

    I’m not sure if you’re aware, but WordPress also allows you to schedule advance posting. I’ve found it to be extremely useful.

  5. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Your daughter sounds very smart, and I think Zizzy is a great name for the HP Notebook. The big thing now is to customize laptops with stickers – you should think about letting her get a couple of stickers that she can put on the outside of the notebook. You might want to mention to put the stickers on, so people can read them when the screen is open.

    I think you will be pleased using Live Writer. As far as I know there is not a Mac version at this time, so you will need to wrestle the HP away from your duaghter at times 😉

    Enjoy learning more about the Mac – I think a lot of people treat their computers like their cars – I don’t want to know how it works, I just want to drive. I appreciate when people are curious and want to know more about how they work.

    Scott did a great job writing the plug-in, it works really well.

    Thanks for bringing up scheduling of posts. I ran into scheduled posting purely by mistake. I wrote a couple of posts, and they appeared fine. Then I changed my time zone on my blog, and the posts disappeared. I had only been blogging a couple of days so I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I could see the articles in My Dashboard, but not posted. I then noticed the timing issue. Advanced posting can work in your favor while you go on vacation. Create your posts in advance, and use the scheduling feature – very cool.

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