Matt Cutts of Google Responds to Privacy Report

Robert Scoble reports that Matt Cutts a Google blogger, wrote up a pretty thorough response to the report from Privacy International in his post Why I disagree with Privacy International.

Even though Matt mentions he is angry in his post, I still think he does a good job of pointing out the flaws he sees with the report from Privacy International.

Robert being thorough also mentions in his post that Donna Bogatin states that Google’s answer does not ring true in her post Google is wrong on consumer privacy.

Scoble mentions a good way to combat this negative press is to be open and transparent with how they are dealing with this issue. Is this the beginning of conversation from Google letting us see their side and what they are going to do about issues of privacy? I see this as a good beginning to a conversation I would like some answers.


2 Responses to “Matt Cutts of Google Responds to Privacy Report”

  1. remotecontrolceo Says:

    Thanks for links to both those views. With a big company like Google blogging about our concerns, reports, and rankings from organizations like Privacy International is the best defense to inflict change on a monolith like Google.

    Much more conversation is needed. Some real answers should be forthcoming because one would hope that when a company like Google keeps getting a bloody nose (they are used to being the good guy) eventually they wake up.

    Lets hope that they do not get caught in the trap of justification, legal mumbo jumbo, and stupidity like “we don’t know where you data is, your data is somewhere in the cloud”.

    As Donna points out “Google does not offer any absolute guarantee of users’ rights to “access and challenge” personal data.” so as consumers we are up the creek without a paddle.

    Do no evil!

    Google are you awake yet?
    Gimme a break!

  2. Thomas Says:

    RemoteControlCEO – I agree this is only the beginning of this conversation – a lot more discussion needs to happen before this will get resolved.

    I think a lot of people ‘know’ Google’s data mining policies but don’t really think about the ramifications.

    Between this report, and the hullaballue going on with Google Maps Street View I think they are going to take a hit to consumer confidence. It will be interesting to see what tact Google takes in dealing with this situation.

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