My Laptop Doesn’t Like Me Doing Dishes

I recently received a new ThinkPad Lenovo T60p laptop at work. It has 4GB of RAM and after my old laptop, I am very happy with it. One thing I wanted to play with was the fingerprint reader – I know I am behind the times just playing with this now.

I set the reader to acknowledge the index and middle finger of each hand. After doing dished the other night, I went to log in using the fingerprint reader and it would not let me. I started to go through the motions of some air guitarist on speed trying to get my fingerprints to read.

Finally I broke down and just entered my password the old fashion way. A couple of hours later I was able to use the fingerprint reader again, after my fingers had stopped being wrinkled from the dish water.

Do you think my wife will buy off on – I can’t do dishes because my laptop doesn’t like me to? Probably not.


2 Responses to “My Laptop Doesn’t Like Me Doing Dishes”

  1. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    For some reason, I don’t think that’s going to work however you can always try! 😉

  2. Thomas Says:

    I think her response would start something to the effect of “what kind of stupid . . .??” followed by “you don’t need to be working at home anyway.” The problem is she would be right on both accounts 😉

    I didn’t even think about it. I had been using the finger print reader just fine, and then after doing dishes it just wouldn’t work. It wasn’t until I looked at my finger and noticed it was wrinkled that I figured out the problem.

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