My Dell Precision Hates my New Radeon Video Card

 I mentioned I’ve been thinking about upgrading my computer a Dell Precision 450, so I decided to go for a video card upgrade. Dell recommends the Radeon X1650 Pro as an upgrade for my system, so I went to a retail store and purchased one.


Well it doesn’t work in my machine – I am pretty sad. I checked the forums, and noticed a guy with a Precision 650 that is having the same issues with his system.

The computer doesn’t get past POST – no video and just a string up beeps. The troubleshooting lights in the front point to Video. I have posted to the forum, but I haven’t received an answer yet.

Breaking News –

Ok – looking at the box I have, and the graphic, I may have figured out the problem. I noticed the box I have says AGP 8X, while the box from the Dell site states 8X 4X. I will try the other version to see if that works. I hope that version is stocked at my local store – I don’t like to wait to get new toys.

It seems that requirement could have been called out better. The documentation may be bad, but it looks like the fault may be mine. Dang I hate it when that happens.

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One Response to “My Dell Precision Hates my New Radeon Video Card”

  1. Keith Bowden Says:

    Hi, Did you ever get this to work?

    Keith Bowden

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