Why I Blog – I Want You to Kick Ass!

I was reading the final post of Kathy Sierra’s blog Creating Passionate Users. Kathy no longer writes at this blog, but there is still a lot of great content. In her last post she reviewed her favorite graphics and there are two that I really like, and exemplify why I blog, teach, develop content and speak to groups:

Kick Ass Curve Two


Buy This

The idea is not how cool, smart or sharp I prove myself to be, the idea is – how can I help YOU be successful?

There are those that think you get ahead by standing on the shoulders of others. I believe you get ahead by giving others access to good quality content. Teach others to do what you do, and help them better themselves. If you pay attention, the people you are developing for will challenge you and press you to keep you sharp and on top of your game.

I write about technologies to help you be successful. Sometimes I will give you straight information, other times I hope I give you information that makes you stop and possibly ask some additional questions.

I want you to kick ASS!


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