Initial Confusion with Zude

imageZude allows you to create a unique Web presence using drag and drop technology. Phil Butler in his post Zude Beta: Start Page on Steriods states that it is like a 2015 version of Netvibes, or Pageflakes on steriods. Basically Zude allows you to create customized web pages, by dragging and dropping objects from the desktop, websites or viewers. Templates can be used to created your pages as they are, or can be modified to suit your needs. You also have the ability to add widgets from a variety of sources. Zude also includes an advanced tool set, allowing more experienced coders to fine tune their pages.

 From the Zude website

Zude enhances and extends your online presence, empowers, personalization, and turbocharges creativity. Zude blurs the line between desktop and web, novice and guru; refining Web 2.0 with advanced technology, community  consolidation, and unprecedented power, flexibility, and ease of use. Drag it, drop it. Your world your way. Feel Free!

Zude-HelpHonestly, my initial reaction to Zude was confusion. It is the conundrum of too many choices, too many possibilities. There is a lot that can be done, so where do I start? Luckily there is easy access to help and forums. I was very happy to see so many choices available for help, to really take advantage of the features of this program, I think I am going to need them.

Although there is a lot of help available, I did have problems bringing the help pages up. I will chalk this up to Beta jitters. I would have liked to review help further to create something more interesting.

OK – after my initial confusion, reading Phil’s page, and a couple of minutes reviewing help, I was able to create the following page in about 10 minutes.



After I got over my initial hesitation about using Zude, I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I did not create anything fancy, so I will play with this a little more, because I would like to see what I can do with this.

Zude is definitely worth signing up to discover what you can create.

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