Joe Duck Promotes Blogger Revolution

Revolution Graffiti from iStockPhoto In his post The Blogging Revolution has begun! (?) Joe Duck promotes replacing blogging A Listers with less prominent but more interesting bloggers, Over the next week Joe will replace A list bloggers in favor of new voices.

Joe inspired by a post by Kent Newsome, is promoting an end to the dominance of the A listers in many tech blog topics.

From Joe’s Post

I’m tired of reading the same old people who in some cases are too busy chasing dollars to blog nearly as creatively as they did in the old days (ie a year ago). The more ominous case is the new trend in blogging that has “A listers” effectively (even if not literally) shilling for big corporations under the provocative guise called “conversational marketing”.

Scoble - Gaping Void Hugh MacLeod has a post – the time of the a-list is dead. thank christ. not a moment too soon that echo’s this sentiment. Is this the start of some kind of A Lister backlash?

I think we should always be seeking out new voices as sources of information, but we need to ensure that these voices have quality content. The big question is:

How to you locate quality non A lister content to read?

People gravitate towards A listers because they have longevity and proven content. With an established blogger, you have an understanding of their area of expertise and their biases. Anyone can start a blog, and write about any topic. That does not mean they have the experience, background or proper motivations to do so.

I try to find new sources of good solid information, but honestly I am not always sure where to go, circling back to the question of locating new quality content?

I think this issue will be interesting to follow. I would like to hear how Joe is doing in a couple of weeks, where he is finding his sources, and if he feels he has really found quality content.


4 Responses to “Joe Duck Promotes Blogger Revolution”

  1. JoeDuck Says:

    Anyone can start a blog, and write about any topic. That does not mean they have the experience, background or proper motivations to do

    Good points Thomas, though I’m confident I’ll find a lot of good voices to replace the A list folks. However even defining “A list” is harder than I’d thought it would be.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Joe – I am hoping that you will be blogging about this experience. I will be interested to know what method you used to find these new voices, and how many of the new voices you found turn out to be valuable resources.

    Good luck with creating a working definition of an ‘A lister’ I am sure there will be quite a few people ready to hear your definition.

  3. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    I found my A listers through technorati or blogging buddies I check only one of the A listers regularly (ProBlogger) and I do so because I really enjoy what he has to say. He always has something I find appealing.

  4. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I would be interested to hear how you find the rest of the blogs that you read.

    I agree that ProBlogger is a site worth subscribing to, even though the content tends to be a little more commercially bent, I still find good information on raising your reader numbers.

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