MySpace A Place for Friends Who Want Your Money

MySpace-LogoI joined MySpace to be get a better understanding of the space, and how it works. I think I finally have a handle on it – MySpace is ‘a place for friends’ who want your money.

I am sure that April, Dagny, Luscious and Tiffany are all very nice girls, and it was nice of them to send me a friend invite. When I look at their profiles, the first thing I see is a link to a pay site with promises of adult content. Maybe they took pity on my as I currently only have 6 friends, but in my defense they are quality friends – OK 1 of my friends is Tom, so 5 quality friends.

Apparently my profile gives the impression of a lonely guy in a strip club, waiting for some kind of attention. In my profile I state I am married and a proud parent. Which brings up another issue, what if I am a parent, but I’m not proud of it, or I am not proud of my kid – where is that option? From the majority of my friend invites, it would seem married guys join MySpace to get solicited.

I will admit, I have not put a lot of time into MySpace, and I only recently changed my page layout from the default. It is interesting that there is an aspect of MySpace similar to walking down Broadway in San Francisco, and having the hawkers try to get you to come into the strip clubs to spend your money.

My profile as follows:


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