Whole Family Enjoyed Transformers


I took the family to see the Transformers movie. Nicole, Shannon and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. The special effects were solid, there were no long lulls in the action, the movie had comic spots, and the plot was interesting.

My daughter and wife, were not overly familiar with the Transformers before this movie. Shannon said when she was younger she thought that the transformers were cartoons for boys. In all honesty the cartoon was probably geared more towards males then females. The cartoon was geared more for boys, but both Nicole and Shannon thought the movie was fun and entertaining.

The special effects were very good and seamless. It is movies like this that you walk away amazed at what can be done in movies today. The plot was interesting. You do not need any prior knowledge of the Autobots, Decepticons or Cybertron to enjoy. When it comes to information, the movie is a complete package. If you are familiar with the Transformers, you will be happy to see how the transformers have been brought to the big screen.

If you enjoy action films, or science fiction films, I think you will definitely enjoy the movie Transformers.


2 Responses to “Whole Family Enjoyed Transformers”

  1. ai Says:

    I’m still reeling from the first time Optimus Prime introduces himself in the movie. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.

    Another reason I thought people would like the movie was because of how friendly they made the main character. If it werent for howmuch everyone started liking him in the movie, I think it would’ve been a different movie.

    I’m glad to hear you liked it. It is a fantastic movie. I’m hoping to watch it again this weekend.


  2. Thomas Says:

    ai – I was impressed by how seamless the special effects were. While watching some movies you wonder how some shots were done. I didn’t find myself doing this. It wasn’t until after the show that I realised – hey the transformers were special effects, but very tightly integrated into the movie.

    Every once in a while a movie comes along and pushes special effects forward – I think Transformers will be one of those movies.

    I am always impressed when the whole family likes a movie. My 13 year old daughter, my wife and I all thoroughly enjoyed the movie.

    If you like action or science fiction, I definitely recommend seeing this in the theater on the big screen – there is so much action going on, I think you need the big screen to catch it all. This is a movie I would see in the theater again.

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