$600 for An iPhone or a PS3?

iPhoneVsPS3 Rod Edwards of TechFold posts Apple vs. Sony: Why a $600 phone soars and a $600 console tanks explaining why he thinks people are willing to pay $600 for an Apple iPhone, but not a Sony PS3.

As I have mentioned before customer experience is something Apple excels at, Apple sells more than the technology, they sell an experience. I think people who are overly negative about the iPhone are jealous they can’t come up with an idea that catches the consumers interest in the same manner.

Rod addresses three major issues why the iPhone is performing so much better then the PS3:

Credibility – Justifying a large item purchase needs to have some type of return on investment. Communication is perceived as higher priority, game playing entertainment is much less so.

Frequency – Perceived frequency of usage. The iPhone is carried around constantly and the usage rate is high. A PS3 spends 97% of the time unused.

Benefit – Perceived benefit over previous version of product. The PS3 benefits over the PS2 for the average person is relatively low.

The PS3 just hasn’t been that successful. Apple has proven once again, they have their finger on the consumer’s pulse. I find it interesting what people will and won’t spend their money on, but I believe Rod does a good job explaining why people are buying the iPhone and not the PS3.

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