Fresh Voices in Video Blogging

If you would have asked me if I was interested in topics concerning Hip Hop I would tell you no. I am not saying that Hip Hop is an uninteresting topic, it is just a topic I don’t have any interest in . . .  until now.

I found a link to Jay Smooth on Scobleizers blog. Jay does video that I think is intelligent and unique. I am not really interested in Hip Hop, but I am interested in what Jay at ill doctrine has to say about Hip Hop. Jay is creatively using video and web technology as tools to convey his message. He has a niche that he discusses, but leverages these technologies which allows him to reach a wider audience.

I am not sure if this content would have had the same impact on me, if I was reading it on a blog. I think this is a good example of using the right technology to convey content.

Ok – in all honesty I am using a little bit of smoke and mirrors, the following is a screen shot, that links to a the location that allows you to watch the page. I was unsure how to embed a video from PodTech in my WordPress based blog.


I have tried to embed the PodTech video below. I am not sure how this will turn out. If you see video it worked, if not I am sure ‘the man’ is somehow involved in keeping this video from appearing on the page.

Jay is a interesting voice in Video Logging and I think worth checking out. His videos at ill doctrine are worth watching.

Update 7/14/07 – Jeremiah at PodTech is the wind beneath my wings. In his comment he let’s me know how to embed PodTech videos on WordPress. Thanks for the heads up so quickly! Well if the video appears below, hats off to Jeremiah!
[podtech content=]

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5 Responses to “Fresh Voices in Video Blogging”

  1. Jeremiah Owyang Says:


    I’m an employee of PodTech, hopefully I can help. Click on the player “Share” button.

    You’ll see you can change the dimension of the video, but there’s also a checkbox for “Embedding on wordpress”. Click that. and then copy the code and try to embed on your blog.

    I always like to use the ‘center’ tag for my videos, I dunno, it just looks cleaner to me.

    Let us know if you’re still having troubles, we’ll help you out.

    We gotta keep “the man” down!

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