Great Customer Service – Embed PodTech Videos in WordPress Post

PodTech.netThis is a post to give a shout out to Jeremiah Owyang of PodTech, and that means of course, you receive the ‘Thomas Thumbs Up’ ->

I use Windows Live Writer to create my posts, and I have not tried embedding PodTech video’s before. WordPress has a special method to embed video, and a I use a special plug-in to embed videos in my posts.

Look at this timeline from the post to comment:

6:11 – Original Post of ‘Fresh Voices in Video Blogging

6:38 – Comment by Jeremiah, addressing and resolving my issue

Now that is customer service. I am not sure what kind of food they are feeding you at PodTech keep up the good work!

The following will walk you through embedding video from PodTech into a WordPress post.


  1. To share video from PodTech
  2. In the Video window, click Share.
  3. In the Share window, click the appropriate options:
    • Format – Standard or Widescreen
    • Size – Regular or Large
    • Embedding in – Select if you use as your blogging host
    • Copy – Copy the code into the clipboard, then you can <Ctrl>-V to copy the content into your post.

Note – Select ‘Post to your Blog’ to post using the video. Please note that your password will be sent via http, so it is not very secure. It is more secure to copy the content and add it to your post directly.

Great Job Jeremiah, you have definitely helped me keep ‘the man’ down. Keep up the great work. I know that PodTech has good content, but up to this point I have paid minimal attention to your videos, but knowing they have employees like you I will be taking another more in depth look.


4 Responses to “Great Customer Service – Embed PodTech Videos in WordPress Post”

  1. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    I’m glad to have helped you, thanks for this kickarse post!

    When they let me out of my cage, I’m allowed some bird seed, vitamin water, and the occasional grapefruit 😉

    Just kidding, we actually have a fridge stuffed with goodies, snacks, and beer, yum, beer.

    Here’s the web page that gives similar instructions that we discussed.

  2. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Customer Support nears real time Says:

    […] I really believe in rapid customer service on the web (you will hear my preaching about it on this blog frequently) and this is the second time that I’ve seen this issue, here’s where I responded to Thomas on an early morning. […]

  3. weacyMax Says:

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