Good Times at the Blogger Dinner in Portland

Attending the Blogger Dinner was a blast, I met a bunch of great people. The dinner was hosted by Jive Software, and also sponsored by Intel Software Network. Dinner was really good Lebanese food, catered by Nicolas.

Steve Novoselac has already posted pictures about the Blogger Dinner on Flickr. Steve has also already written a post about the dinner, and note the picture in the post – who is that guy writing the URL – hey it’s me! Well it’s the back of my head. There was a blogger board, that a lot of people wrote their URL. I am hoping to see a clear picture of the board, so I can visit some of the people I met. My picture, not so clear.


Robert Scoble, and Jeremiah Owyang, were there from PodTech and are just as great in person as they are on the web.

I was a bit distracted by the Secret Project, Not a Puppy, so I don’t really have any pictures. I should have gotten a picture with Robert and Jeremiah.

One thing that was amazing, Robert’s memory is like a steel trap. We were having a conversation, and I mentioned a topic, I remembered the topic, but Robert spits out, oh that was one blog x. With the amount of information he consumes, I am surprised his retention is so good. I had some interesting conversations with people about all different kinds of technology.

I look forward to reading some of the posts about the event, to see other people’s take.

Oh I spoke with the guys from for a while. Should be around 9:00 pm on 7/19/07. I am not sure if the interface is quite working, I will let you know when I get it figured out. They are in the process of figured out a game plan, but have some pretty interesting ideas.

It has been a pretty hectic long day, and I am beat, so I will keep it short.


6 Responses to “Good Times at the Blogger Dinner in Portland”

  1. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Good summary, it was a great event. Jive and Intel were great hosts, I agree.

    Jeremiah from Palo Alto

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  3. Thomas Says:

    Jeremiah – By the time I got home, I noticed there were multiple posts, and pictures loaded on Flickr from the event. Man bloggers as a group are really on top of things, and work in a compressed timeline.

  4. ducly Says:

    Hi Thomas,
    I am glad I got to meet you. Jeremiah has a photo of us! I’ll have to write him and ask for a copy. I am on Facebook look me up.

  5. Thomas Says:

    DucLy – It was great to meet you also – I will have to get our pictures posted on my blog. It isn’t often you meet a whole room full of great people. I can hardly wait for the next one. If you take a look at Jeremiah’s post he has a good picture of the bloggers whiteboard.

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    […] for the guy holding the door open to let us into the Jive Software Offices as the beginning of the Portland Blogger Dinner last night. If anyone knows the guy who was acting as doormen to let us in, let me […]

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