Go Big or Go Home, Microsoft’s Blue Monster

First off, let me say that I am a fan of the Hugh MacLeod’s of Gaping Void Microsoft Blue Monster. But I also think that it is a little over the top. It is like Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ slogan.

I understand that marketing involved, but I think this sends the wrong message. What if you aren’t Agassi, Beckham, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or the president, does that mean you should do nothing? Go Big or Go Home?

Personally I try to put these slogans in perspective. I understand that these slogans help motivate people, but I would like to turn these slogans into something people can use everyday. Something that we can all wrap our heads around. I am reminded of the saying ‘Think Globally, Act Locally.” I kind of like the following slogans:

Nike – Just do Something

You don’t have to be a professional athlete, just get out there and do something you enjoy, something you like. You don’t even have to be any good at it. Just be active, take a walk.

Microsoft – Individually doing our best, to make our software better or Making things better one day at a time, or even I want you to kick ass.

Again just putting your best foot forward every day. Maybe it is a win in a meeting for a feature you have been pushing for, fixing that ever elusive bug, or helping a customer resolve an issue. I don’t think it is the big things, it is the sum of all the little things.

My motto at Microsoft – I will do my best to make our software and services better

My motto at blogging – I Want You to Kick Ass! (Thanks to Kathy Sierra)

I will do my best every day to make sure you have the information, content and resources you need so you can do your best. Keep in mind, I am no marketing person, and after reading this post I realize I could be way off base. Maybe people do need to Go Big or Go Home.

Personally I will be here, helping you to kick ass.


4 Responses to “Go Big or Go Home, Microsoft’s Blue Monster”

  1. hugh macleod Says:

    Hey Thomas, Thanks for that. Interesting points.

    Well, first off, let me just say that The Blue Monster is INHERENTLY ambiguous. I think one runs into trouble when one takes it too literally, without acknoledging said ambuguity.

    In other words, when you say, “Change the World”, do you mean a-la Josef Stalin, or a-la the Jimmy Stewart character in “It’s A Wonderful Life”?

    As I’ve said more than once, “Meaning sSales”: http://www.gapingvoid.com/Moveable_Type/archives/001379.html

    But yeah, I appreciate the thinking and the kind thoughts…

  2. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    Have you seen Apple’s ads? 😉 In a way they are funny (I laugh more at the characters antics then what they are actually saying) but its definitely not an accurate representation of Windows OS.

    Young, Hip, Exciting —> Apple
    Old, Boring, Outdated —> Microsoft

    Of course that’s not true, lol.

    I like your motto mine is very similar. I will do my best to make sure, my customer(s) or curious browser, is satisfied.

  3. Thomas Says:

    Hugh – Hey thanks for stopping by! I definitely agree with you that meaning scales. As I said I am a fan of the Blue Monster, but I think people can get paralyzed by the fact that they aren’t an all stars. I just wanted to remind people that hey, the small things matter, and the small things add up to big things, which will indeed change the world.

    Opal – Shannon wonders why I enjoy the Apple commercials. They are mocking you. No they aren’t they are mocking ideas, not me personally. I think they are funny, I don’t take them personally. But within that humor are grains of truth. You have to honestly evaluate the points they have addressed to see what actually is pertinent. Then after you have acknowlegded the pain points you have to do the hardest thing, try and change.

  4. But What if I Fail? « Thomas - Technical Blogger Says:

    […] is one of the issues I was trying to get at, in my Go Big or Go Home, Microsoft’s Blue Monster […]

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