Jeremiah Owyang, Marketing Machine From the Future?

JeremiahOwyang-MarketingRobotFromFuture Jeremiah Owyang of PodTech is a man who I find consistently exceeds expectations when it comes to customer service and marketing.

Once again I see Google Alerts has not let him down.

On Saturday July 14, I posted Fresh Voices in Video Blogging about a video blogger Jay Smooth at 6:11 am. By 6:38 am, less than 30 minutes later he posted a response concerning a question I had in my blog about embedding PodTech videos into a WordPress blog.

Jeremiah struck again last night.

I posted Blog Grade is Not Just One Thing at 10:37 pm, and by 10:54 pm I had a response from Jeremiah.  He travels around the country, does interviews, and writes in depth marketing blog posts. Apparently he is up early in the morning and late at night working, does this man sleep?

Now I am beginning to think I know how Jeremiah keeps the upper hand, he is a marketing machine from the future . . . He carries a laptop with him, but I don’t think he needs it, he has Wi-Fi directly feed into his brain. Now I am not saying that is a bad thing, especially if his model gets extremely agitated when the truth is known.

It is that, or he is just damn good at his job! Either way, here is another ‘Thomas Thumbs Up’ to add to your collection. Keep up the great work Jeremiah!


6 Responses to “Jeremiah Owyang, Marketing Machine From the Future?”

  1. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Alright, another thumbs up. Long day today, just got home 230am.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Jeremiah – Per your blog, it seems like your long day was successful. Apparently you do need sleep, and are periodically away from your computer.
    There goes the marketing robot from the future theory.

  3. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    I learned from teh Scoble, he’s a REAL machine.

    John Furrier plugs us both into the wall once in a while, plugs an ethernet cable into the back of our necks and we auto-blog and aggregate feeds. That’s when our status light (belly button) goes from green to yellow.

  4. Kit Says:

    This is true. I’ve witnessed it. When plugged into the wall, their eyes turn into LCD displays that scroll incoming Twitter messages.

  5. Adam Darowski Says:

    I’ve been at a couple conferences with Jeremiah, and let me just say that he is a wallflower during sessions not just to plug his laptop in, but to plug HIMSELF in. I think you’re onto something here…

  6. Thomas Says:

    Jeremiah – Meeting Robert last week I was pretty amazed by his recall. He reads a ton of information, and yet is still able to recall specific pieces of content . . . very impressive. It sounds like John is picking the right people. I hope implementing some of your suggestions such as Google Alerts will help me stay on top of this information also.

    Kit – scrolling incoming Twitter feeds, that sounds like a definite Photoshop subject in the the future.

    Adam – Jeremiah has to do something to keep up that high energy level.

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