Conversation with Jeremiah Owyang on Using Technology for Customer Service

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How things Work with Thomas the Technical Mechanic.

Part 1 of a conversation with Jeremiah Owyang, Director of Corporate Media Strategy with PodTech.

In part 1, Jeremiah and I discuss using technology to manage information on the Internet for purposes of ensuring high quality customer service.

This is my first time in front of the camera for a while. I will discuss the process further later, but I did all the editing for the video myself.

Many thanks to Jeremiah Owyang for his help and support with this project. He was willing to let me interview him on a days notice, and was great at offering suggestions during the interview process.

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11 Responses to “Conversation with Jeremiah Owyang on Using Technology for Customer Service”

  1. Web Strategy by Jeremiah » Video interview: Customer Service for the Modern Web and learning to yourself Says:

    […] Watch the interview with Thomas, and you’ll get to learn what it means to me to be a community advocate, and how to be successful in blogging and social media. […]

  2. Opal: The Raw & The Cooked Says:

    I look forward to watching it. I’ll have to try watching it on my HP notebook I cannot view it with my MacBook Pro.

  3. Thomas Says:


    I uploaded a quicktime version of the video also, although it didn’t render quite as well as the wmv file.

    You can check out the quicktime –, and then select the episode. Look at the drop-down list and you will see the quicktime version.

    Keep in mind this is my first time back in front of the camera in a while, feedback is definitely appreciated.

  4. Opal: Vegan Momma Says:

    Thanks Thomas,
    I watched it on my HP. The video is excellent. I’m not a fan of red fonts but thats no biggie it wouldn’t make me turn it off.

    I need to use Google Alerts. Thanks Thomas & Jeremiah! I mainly use technorati.

    I agree customer service is very important. I always try to provide the best possible service with my business.

    How often will you be doing the podcasts?

  5. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Thank you for your positive feedback. Being self critical I see quite a few things I would like to do different in the future. I like the theme of the introduction, but there are a few things I would like to change – the red font being one of them.

    There will be 2 more parts to my conversation with Jeremiah. He was nice enough to speak with me for over 20 minutes.

    I learned a lot during my conversation with Jeremiah, and I am glad to hear that others are learning too.

    As for additional podcasts, at this point I am not sure. I have a few ideas for some, but I am using borrowed equipment. This was something I haven’t done in a while. I did learn a lot, and there are things that I would like to improve for future sessions.I am open to the possibility, but at this point I am unsure.

  6. PressPosts / User / annie_lovegood / Submitted Says:

    Submited post on – “Conversation with Jeremiah Owyang on Using Technology for Customer Service”

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  8. Sometimes the Customer is Wrong « Thomas - Technical Blogger Says:

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  9. Connie Bensen Says:

    Thanks for sharing this with me Thomas! I had read Jeremiah’s commentary on this on his blog, but now I’ve connected that YOU were the Thomas with the podtech issue. Got it!

    My google alerts pulled this blog post yesterday. It made for a cool blog post to circulate in-house too. And it’s nice for the public to hear a customer’s opinion.

  10. Connie Bensen Says:

    Oh – and I have a standing lunch appt with Jeremiah & Shel Israel when I come to SF. Maybe I need to add Thomas to this list?!! 🙂

  11. Thomas Says:

    Connie – it was really cool to meet Jeremiah, he is a great person, and really wants to help others be successful. I know you will appreciate finally meeting him in person.

    Your post demonstrates you understand letting your users be your best Evangelists. Work with them, and they will be your best promoters.

    I am based out of Portland, OR, if you ever get here definitely let me know – it would be great to have lunch.

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