iPhone Display Runs Windows XP

image Gizmodo has a great post Oops, iPhone Display Needs to Reboot, Runs Windows XP by Charlie White.

People want to get into religious wars about hardware, operating systems and software. In the end we need to remember that they are all just tools to help you get a job done.

In my post Religions of Rich Internet Applications, I discuss my Ed Hume analogy:

I always find it interesting that we separate ourselves into camps. I don’t think you would hear Ed Hume, a gardening personality, duking it out with other gardeners about a hoe or a spade being a better tool – he would want to know what you ant to do, and then tell you the best tool for the job. RIA is a tool that will help us move applications, access to content and collaboration forward. There might be different ideas of how to get there, but in the end they are just tools and technologies.

The iPhone being a $600 device doesn’t meet my needs. I don’t need a phone or device that helps define who I am. At the same time I am not going to denigrate the iPhone. I think it is a great tool, it is just a tool that doesn’t suite my needs. The fact that it is selling like it is, does not negatively impact me at all.

In the end we use a variety of tools to get our jobs and tasks done. Different jobs require different tools. And funny enough, the iPhone display needs Windows XP.


4 Responses to “iPhone Display Runs Windows XP”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    I would purchase it a few months down the road if it was Verizon I definitely could use the extras but my world hasn’t come to an end. I definitely could have used it when I was in South Carolina for accessing the internet.

  2. Girlie Says:

    off topic…thanks for the comment you left about the face behind the blog. Actually I just copied exactly how it was from the person who tagged me.

    have a great day!

  3. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Although the iPhone sounds like a very cool device, I am unwilling to spend $600 for a phone, when the phone I have bettter suits my needs, and was almost $400 less.

    Girlie – I noticed I have been getting link backs on the block and looked at David Airey’s site to find the master link list so I could update mine. When I started to investigate, I noticed that the final steps had changed. I thought I would let you know so you could add yourself to the master list that David is keeping.

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