Hitting Rank 1 on Technorati

TechnoratiRank1-CropWoo Hoo – I’m Number 1, I’m Number 1 . . .

If you have used Technorati, you have noticed that there is periodically a glitch on how your authority and rank are displayed.

The current glitch works in my favor. With an Authority of 117, I am assigned a Rank of 1 which puts me in the top 100. I know my blog is gaining in popularity, but it isn’t quite that popular.

I do not expect to see a Rank of 1 again, but I would like to see myself in the top 10,000, I believe you need an authority of above 600 to achieve that rank. I was going to verify the authority I needed for the top 10,000, but then I noticed a site that had an Authority of 6 that was also assigned a Rank of 1.

Enjoy your time of being number 1 and take a screen shot, I am not sure how long this glitch will last.

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10 Responses to “Hitting Rank 1 on Technorati”

  1. Wow, A Technorati First! I’m #1 on Technorati! | Vegan Momma Says:

    […] thanks to Thomas – Technical Blogger for taking the snapshot and giving my few moments in the Technorati […]

  2. Opal Tribble Says:

    Thanks for including me. My brief moment in the spotlight. I love it. 🙂 I’m positive you’ll make the top 10,000 without doing all the extras to get there. You’re authority is 117 already!

  3. meeyauw Says:

    You mean I isn’t top 100??????

    Well this is exactly what Skitch is for! Off to do my screenshot,, thanks for the update!

  4. Thomas Says:

    Opal – Thanks. It is kind of cool that most of us are Number 1 for the day.

    Meeyauw – The screen shot I took, Number 1 in the top 100, is totally untouched by any Photoshop tools, which is one of the reason I had to write this up.

  5. Opal Tribble Says:

    meeyauw, I cannot wait to see what you do in skitch!
    Thomas, You should check it out it some wild & wacky
    thingamabob application It gives you the maximum opportunity to pimp your #1 rank! Sadly I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but I will!

    I had no clue what skitch was until Meeyauw did a post featuring this cool online tool last week. She’s another cool blogger and an excellent photographer.

  6. If Rank Meant Everything… Says:

    […] Do blog readers really care about rank? […]

  7. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I am unfamiliar with Skitch, I will have to take a look at it. I noted that meeyauw had mentioned it, but I am unfamiliar with the program. Thanks for the heads up you two, I will be taking a look.

    Meeyauw – I have actually had trouble accessing your site off and on today, is it having problems? I went to find out more about skitch.

  8. Digging Into What it Takes to get Dugg up to the Digg Homepage| Zoli’s Blog Says:

    […] * Groktodcom on the messed up Technorati authority: If rank meant everything,  every blogger who’s had even one link documented by Technorati could rejoice more than they already are after being accidentally ranked #1 today — thanks to a glitch.   f rank meant everything, you wouldn’t have to create fresh, original content.  If rank meant everything, blogs wouldn’t be worth reading.   Everyone would be baiting links (like I am).  Like money, when rank means everything, it means nothing.  Do blog readers really care about rank?  […]

  9. Techmeme, Technorati — Let's Blog the Whole Thing Off… Says:

    […] Do blog readers really care about rank? […]

  10. Internet Marketing » Technorati rank means nothing Says:

    […] Do blog readers really care about rank? […]

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