The Guy Who Outed Fake Steve Jobs, Hero or Ass?

image Fake Steve Jobs admitted he has been busted in his post Damn, I am so busted, yo. If you have been living under a rock, The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is a great satire of the daily life of Steve Jobs. It contains daily posts on trivial things that might be happening in Steve Job’s life, such as Al Gore coming to stay at his house for a few days.

Brad Stone wrote a piece for the New York Times, The Trial of Fake Steve Jobs, where he outs the Fake Steve Jobs as a Senior Editor of Forbes, Daniel Lyons.

The backlash has been pretty interesting. A majority of comments seem to be pretty negative against Brad Stone and the New York Times. Readers understand that The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is a comedy and treat it as a good daily diversion.

Some of the comments on the Stone post are as follows:

 – Jerks. Way to ruin the fun.

 – Seriously, this is the most productive use of the NYTimes? Glad we’ve completely exhausted coverage on the Bush administration, the corruption of Congress and the other Constitution-killing things the US government is doing.

 – Wow! The NYTimes exclusive on the identity of the fake Steve Jobs. Why don’t you spend better time investigating the government, genocide, and the trials of citizens living in oppressed nations?
Mr. Stone, revealing the source of this blog just ruins the experience.
Should it be a surprise? The Times published a review of the final Potter book, spoiling it for children and fans.
Plus the Times is too busy ridiculing and spawning its scorn for Murdoch and his acquisition of the Wall Street Journal. Obviously the Times feels threatened.
So what does the Times do? Investigates a blogger’s identity.
Seems as if Steve Jobs called the fanboy David Pogue to acquire a dumb reporter to investigate the person who thought of this facetious blog.

 – What’s next? NYT reporters going out to parks with a needle to pop all the kids balloons?
you ruined it!

 – I hate you.

Were just a sampling of the overwhelming negative comments on the Brad Stone article.

FSJ had a few comments himself, he has the following request of his fans.

Meanwhile if anyone can think of a cool way to use the name “Brad Stone” (all or part) as a verb, let me know.
Maybe this:

brad, v.i.:

1. To bust a fellow filthy hack without mercy and spoil the fun for everyone, in a quest for personal aggrandizement.
2. To urinate in a pool.

Personally I just enjoyed the blog. It was well written and entertaining. Did I feel the obsessive need to locate the author, no. I can see how someone else would. I think the spoilers are a little bit of a bummer, and I definitely hope the FSJ blog continues.

So I wonder what the final verdict will be? Will Brad Stone be thought of as a hero or an ass, or even be remembered at all? In my opinion the Fake Steve Job’s blog will be remembered longer then Brad Stone.

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6 Responses to “The Guy Who Outed Fake Steve Jobs, Hero or Ass?”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    Brad Who?
    I really don’t think people will remember a few weeks down the road. I cannot believe they considered that “newbreaking” then again now that I think about it I can believe it yes I yet another reason I don’t use mainstream media for my news.

    I imagine the website will be even more popular? Don’t tell me people actually thought that was the actual Steve Jobs writing that?

  2. Thomas Says:

    Opal – From what I had read when I wrote this article, it seemed about 85 – 90% of the comments were negative about Mr ‘I Outed FSJ’

    Hopefully the website will continue and FSJ will continue to write. The writing was great, and Lyons does an excellent job. If you check About on the blog, it mentions Fake Steve Jobs, so I don’t get the impression that anyone actually thought this was written by the ‘real’ Steve Jobs. Apparently Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have stated they are actually readers of this blog.

  3. koshlan Says:

    While the real Steve Jobs must be relieved, the competition is pissed. The usually reticent Bill Gates already had some not-so-namaste things to say about the whole Daniel Lyons affair.

  4. Thomas Says:

    koshlan – Thanks for the link. You know things are getting convoluted when a Fake Bill Gates parody blog weighs in on the Fake Steve Jobs blog.

  5. Thomas - Technical Blogger Fake Steve Continues « Says:

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