Fake Bill Gates Weighs In On Fake Steve Jobs

bill-gatesYou know things are getting convoluted, when the Fake Bill Gates, is posting on the Fake Steve Jobs. In a post Jobso unmasked, ‘Bill Gates of Newsgroper’ writes

I just learned from Valleywag that Fake Jobso has been unmasked. Personally I think this Daniel Lyons character has taught us all a lot about identity theft (of course none of this fake blog business would have happened in the first place if people had adopted MS Passport).

The sad thing is, this blog is not so clearly marked as a parody. I found it hard to locate on the site itself that it is a parody. If you look at the title bar of your Internet browser you will see – News Groper, News Analysis by Newsmakers – Fake Parody Blogs, Political Humor, Celebrity Satire


The about me for Bill Gates on this site is as follows:

  • Founder and chairman of Microsoft
  • Co-founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • World’s richest human
  • Anti-Steve Jobs

I have encountered a couple of comments that are taking content from this site as if it were actually being written by Bill Gates himself. On CNNMoney.com The pathetic whining of FSJ fans posted by jimledbetter, the following comment was posted:

While the real Steve Jobs must be relieved, the competition is pissed. The usually reticent Bill Gates already had some not-so-namaste things to say about the whole Daniel Lyons affair.

The one thing I appreciate about The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs is that it is very easy to identify that it is a parody blog.

In reference to the CNNMoney post title, apparently Jim takes himself way too seriously, using pathetic and whining in the same headline. Kudos to him for writing a solid headline, boo to him for missing the context of people being upset that a secret like Fake Steve Jobs was revealed.

People enjoy good magic, because it is difficult to figure out. They don’t want someone saying – the trick works like this, that is a killjoy, and it seems that Jim or Brad don’t understand that.

Overall the comments, I have read, about this news continue to be negative.

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2 Responses to “Fake Bill Gates Weighs In On Fake Steve Jobs”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    I got a glimpse of his blog briefly I haven’t had much chance to do anything. Hopefully when things calm down I’ll have a chance to read what’s going on.

    I did read some of the comments and you are right most of it has been negative.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I have found the Secret Diary of Steve Jobs to be great reading, definitely worth your time when you get a chance.

    I haven’t read much on the Fake Bill blog. One thing I notices is multiple comments treating Fake Bill as real, because it just isn’t clearly marked. I don’t have a problem with parody blogs as long as they are clearly marked as such.

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