Fake Steve Jobs Continues

image I am happy to see that The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs continues with his current post Are you happy now? discussing the new iMacs that have hit the market. Fake Steve even compares the beautifully designed iMacs to the box like Dell Optiplex, which just highlights the great design of Apple products. Even the Web-page for the iMac looks good. From the post:

A 24-inch screen, 2 gigs of memory and a 500-gig hard drive for $2,300? Or for cheapskates a totally nice 20-inch machine for $1200? Oh, and an operating system that actually works? And design that’s better than almost any company in any industry in the world?

There was concern that after the writer of the blog was revealed, that the blog might not continue. One thing that is different is there is quite a bit of pimping for Forbes.com in the right-column and a link to ordering the book. I hope the blog doesn’t become too commercial.

I will have to say if the book is as good as the blog, it will be worth reading.

Personally I will continue to refer to Daniel Lyons as Fake Steve Jobs, it just adds to some of the humor associated with the blog. I wonder if I can just refer to him as Fake Steve, or does he prefer Fake Mr Jobs to keep it formal?

Keep up the great work Fake Steve. You keep up the great writing, and I’ll keep reading.

Namaste Fake Steve Jobs.

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2 Responses to “Fake Steve Jobs Continues”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    I had thought about purchasing the iMac for my father but I didn’t like the fact that everything was in the package it sure is pretty however. I opted for a refurbished PowerMac G5. My father loves it.
    I’ll be checking out his website this weekend things should be back to “normal” by then well at least “normal” for me, hee hee. 🙂

  2. Thomas Says:

    The iMac does have a great design. I do understand what you mean about everything being in the package. That is the one thing I like about PC’s is that the individual components are easier to upgrade.

    I hope that his writing is as good as it was now that the writer behind FSJ is known.

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