Channel 8 for Students

MSChannel8 Microsoft recently released Channel 8, an informational site for students. Channel 8 was kicked off July 20th, with a video with Joe Wilson, Director of Academic Evangelism.

 From the initial Channel 8 post:

MSChannel8-MonkeyWelcome to Channel 8. Joe Wilson, Director of Academic Evangelism, talks about Channel 8 and what you’ll find here. We’re looking forward to this being a great place for students to connect with Microsoft and each other.

Channel 8 will help round out the existing channels:

  • Channel 9 is geared towards developers. In depth knowledge about technology and how products at Microsoft work.
  • Channel 10 is the channel for technical enthusiasts. It contains information about games, and general technology oriented information.

I like to think of myself as an advocate for students having the information they need to succeed in the technology industry and I think that Channel 8 is positioned to be an excellent resource for students.

Currently Channel 8 is covering the Imagine Cup in Seoul Korea.

Initial comments for Channel 8 are very promising, and I am looking forward to the content that the Channel has to offer.


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