Statistics After 90 Days of Blogging

Technorati-Information082007While I was on vacation last week, my blog reached the following milestones since I got my start 5/22/07 – 90 days ago:

  • Over 11,000 Views
  • Over 1,200 pieces of Spam caught
  • 161 Posts
  • Best Day Ever – 304 Views
  • Technorati Authority – 160
  • Technorati Rank  – 30,950
  • Alexa 3 Month Rating – 442,769
  • Website Grader – 82 /100 (This score is without a Google Page Rank, I have not been blogging enough to have received a page rank)

I gave my last blog metrics 36 days ago in my post Blogging The First 54 Days on 7/15/07.

I realize from my conversations with Jeremiah Owyang that your Blog Grade is Not Just One Thing, but the metrics above all tell me the same thing, I am moving forward. I am writing content that people are reading. I have made some new virtual friends. Other bloggers have referred to what I have written in their posts, and I think I have started some good conversations.

I feel that I am making progress toward my goal concerning Why I Blog – I Want You to Kick Ass!

Update 8/22/07 – I had Technorati Rank and Authority numbers reversed, so I fixed it. Thanks to David and nishugoral for giving me the heads up and keeping me from looking like a doofus. Not that there is anything wrong with looking like a doofus, I accel at it, but my preference is too look like I know what I am doing.

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11 Responses to “Statistics After 90 Days of Blogging”

  1. Jeremiah Owyang Says:

    Also, is to see what business objectives it’s fulfilled for you, (or personal). Exposure, new job, etc.

    Most importantly, are you having fun!

  2. Opal Tribble Says:

    Hey congrats buddy you’re well on your way to making a big dent in this blogosphere!

    I passed one of my mentors with a keyword. I just started that website a few weeks ago. I wisely put the keyword in the title which helped me out a lot. I’m now ranked #1.

    In one instance the blogger uses the excuse that they don’t *know* a lot about that niche they just *like* it. If you want to be perceived as an authority (which they do), you’re going to have to learn. That excuse won’t fly. You can learn as you go.

    With my alternative healing website, I’m finding it hard to connect with others within the same niche when it comes to linking. I’m just not seeing too many blogs out there like that. I’ll be doing some blog hunting on that this weekend.

    I’m currently ranked #6 with a keyword. I’m very happy about that. My keywords for vegan momma will be changing before it was mainly veganism, nutrition, I need to sit down and think of what I want veganmomma aka opaltribble to be. That’s going to be hard.

    Congrats to you! It’s very impressive. I remember when your numbers were a lot smaller.

  3. Opal Tribble Says:

    Whoops I lost some of my content I had typed I remember when your numbers were a lot smaller. You have come a long way. congrats!

  4. Web Strategist on homepage of Marketing Profs Says:

    […] (who’s doing quite well) talks about ROI after 90 days of blogging, and I think one of the things to measure (besides Technorati rank and traffic) is the reach you […]

  5. Thomas Says:

    Jeremiah – You and Opal are perfect examples of what I consider a win. We have had some great conversations, that I have learned a lot from. You have also helped me add additional media content on my blog with our video taped conversation.

    Opal – It is great to get that kind of feedback. As we have discussed, it isn’t any one metric, but it is all of it added together that let us know we are on the right track. Congrats on the #1 ranking – I am not surprised that you have quickly risen to the top of a group you are focusing on, you write good, informative and approachable content.

    Jeremiah was very helpful with his Alternate Stages of Blogging chart. It really helped me when I felt I was losing focus in my blog. Reviewing the chart helped me refocus my efforts, and I am sure your refoucs will turn out great. I look forward to following your progress.

  6. Opal Tribble Says:

    Thanks Thomas,
    I’ll definitely check out his post. I read Jeremiah’s blog but I mainly lurk. I’ve virtually met fabulous bloggers because of you. I truly appreciate it.

  7. David Airey Says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for the update on my blog! You need to reverse your Technorati rank and authority as they’re the wrong way around.

    I’ll certainly help you celebrate when you achieve a rank of 160! 😉

  8. Thomas - Technical Blogger Thinking Like Popular Bloggers « Says:

    […] notice that David Airey wrote Celebrate your blog milestones the same day I posted my article Statistics After 90 Days of Blogging. Both of these posts state the milestones the blogs have […]

  9. nishugoyal Says:

    btw.. umessed up ur authority and rrank at technorati .. 😀

  10. Thomas Says:

    David – Thanks for the heads up on the reversed Authority and Rank. I updated my post. I appreciate when people let you know when you have made mistakes. My mother used to tell me, it is only a mistake, until you correct it.

    nishugoyal – Thanks for letting me know. It is like telling someone when they have something in their teeth so they don’t walk around looking goofy all day.

  11. Thomas - Technical Blogger 10 Tips for Increasing Comments on Your Blog « Says:

    […] Tips for Increasing Comments on Your Blog August 24th, 2007 — Thomas In my post Statistics After 90 Days of Blogging I mentioned that I currently have 160 posts, and over 400 comments on my blog. One comment I […]

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