Vacation in Monterey – Produce Fields and Processing Plants

My wife Shannon and I were in Monterey last week. We had a great time, but Shannon won the trip through work so quite a bit of the trip was scheduled. The picture of Shannon and I was taking at Shadowbrook.

What wonderful things did we see . . . produce fields in the Salinas valley and produce processing plants. Don’t get me wrong, it was a interesting trip, and we did have fun but there was a lot to do.

On the days we had tours of the produce fields, we were up at 6 and out by 7:30. I learned an incredible amount about the produce industry.

  1. Field workers work very hard. I can’t imagine being a field worker for more than a day.
  2. You would be surprised how fast field workers work.
  3. Processing plant workers work very hard. I can’t imagine being a field worker for more than a day.
  4. Produce processing plants are amazing. The plants are kept at about 40 degrees to keep the produce fresh. The produce we saw went from field to out the processing plant within 48 hours.
  5. Produce processing plants are very serious about keeping food safe and free from all types of contamination.
  6. Processing plants are mobile, and can be broken down and moved to another plant in 72 hours.

Field Tours Pictures

Strawberry fields

Romaine Head Lettuce Fields

Iceburg Lettuce fields





If you ever get a chance to eat at this restaurant, take it. The food and restaurant are amazing.

The food on the trip was amazing. If you get a chance to go on a trip with food oriented people you will not be unhappy with the menu.

The following food pictures are from Shadowbrook – Creamy Artichoke Soup, Salad topped with bacon wrapped prawns. By this time I was getting pretty full, so I only have pictures up to the 2nd of 4 courses.


Culinary Institute in Monterey

We had some cooking demonstrations highlighting the produce in the dishes at the Culinary Institute in Monterey. Guest chefs were brought in to highlight different styles of cooking using the produce. The 35 minute presentation on celery was not my favorite.

My favorite chef was Chef Todd. Apparently he hit on my wife, but I was too busy eating the tasty food he was making to hear him. I was thoroughly impressed with Chef Todd’s cooking. I tend to have very simple tastes, and his dishes although fancy and with great flavor still had basic flavors that even a non food guy like me could understand.



This will give you an idea of the produce oriented side of the trip, I will post additional pictures later.

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3 Responses to “Vacation in Monterey – Produce Fields and Processing Plants”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    Apparently he hit on my wife, but I was too busy eating the tasty food he was making to hear him.

    That was his game keep the man occupied with food while he tries to score with wifey! LOL 😉

    Everything looks lovely I need to take one of those trips. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do see a behind the scenes presentation of the food? Were you able to sample the produce from the field?

  2. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I was told that Shannon asked for something from the chef, and he replied something like, of course, because you’re really hot . . . which I do have to agree. YAY ME!

    When we first met, Shannon managed a popular night club downtown, so she dressed pretty suggestively for work. I got used to guys hitting on her while she walked around the place. She also ensured that people weren’t touching or groping her. I’m not a jealous person, so don’t take it personally and I know she is very faithful, so I got to the point where I just took it is a compliment.;)

    It is interesting you mentioned sampling the produce from the field. I almost metioned that we were able to sample the iceburg lettuce in the field, and it was very sweet.

  3. Top Chef? No, Just A Vegan Food Break… Says:

    […] their mini tour of things that are growing in our world. After checking out my photos stop by Thomas – Technical Blogger and see how he and his wife spent their four-day getaway. It has to do with fresh produce and […]

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