Using Tafiti, A Silverlight Demo Walkthrough

microsoft_silverlight_c Tafiti-Logo Tafiti is a demonstration of Microsoft Silverlight combined with search technologies. Tafiti uses Silverlight to provide the rich interface experience and Microsoft Live Search as the search engine. Tafiti is the Swahili word for “do research” and was built to demonstrate the capabilities and power of Silverlight.

Channel 10 has an interview with Marc Mecuri of the Platform Incubation Team on the Tafiti team. This interview by Larry Larsen gives a good overview of the workings and capabilities of Tafiti.

Because Silverlight is a browser based technology, Tafiti works on any browser and platform supported by Silverlight.

Using Tafiti

Using Tafiti is as simple as using any search engine. Start searching using Tafiti by entering a search term and clicking Go.


Search results are then displayed


The carousel can be used to switch between types of search results such as feeds, books, web, images or news. Clicking the different icons in the carousel will display search results of that type.


The following are the search result types for the term Silverlight displaying Feeds, Images and News results.

Tafiti--SearchResults-Feeds Tafiti--SearchResultsImages Tafiti--SearchResults-Nes

Any search results can then be added to the right hand column called the shelf, which is highlighted. Items on the shelf can be clicked to for easy recall later.


Results can also be displayed in a Tree View


Using Tafiti, you can search on single or multiple topics, and then add content you find interesting to the shelf. Content on the shelf can then be reviewed further at a later time.


Tafiti is an excellent demonstration of the power and capabilities of Silverlight. Tafiti was created by a team of less than 5 people, which demonstrates very rich applications can be created without a huge development team. I look forward to seeing what other mashups will be created using Silverlight in the future.

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6 Responses to “Using Tafiti, A Silverlight Demo Walkthrough”

  1. Opal Tribble Says:

    Do I need to have the new Windows OS to use it? I’ll try it out on my HP.

    How do you think Tafiti compares with others out there? That’s very impressive that they only had five people working on it.

  2. Thomas Says:

    Opal – The cool thing is that Silverlight is OS independent – like Flash. You will need to install the Silverlight client on whichever OS you want to use.

    Keep in mind that Tafiti is not a new search engine, it leverages Windows Live Search. The beauty isn’t in the workings, but the presentation. Silverlight was used to add a new rich interface to an existing solution.

    Let me know what you think about the interface after you have used Tafiti.

  3. emalyse Says:

    I must admit I overlooked the tree view of search results so your screenshot encouraged me to go back and try that feature some more. Interesting. Obviously this is probably more a proof of concept than anything else but shows what can be done. At least us Mac users can use it too.

  4. Thomas Says:

    emalyse – I agree that Tafiti is an excellent demonstration of the capabilities of Silverlight. I will be interested to see the Silverlight adoption rate of the greater community.

    I agree that the tree feature is pretty shiny / cool.

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