Stardust, A Fun Fairytale

Stardust Michelle Pfeiffer “You get to see Michelle Pfeiffer’s ass, you should come see the movie” my wife says to me in a conspiratorial tone.

I replied “I thought this was a kids movie, I don’t think you do . . .”

“I saw an interview on the Today Show, she shows her ass” my wife taunts  me.

Me – “I was going to go see the movie with you and Nicole anyway, you don’t have to lie to me to get me to go”

Wife – “Ok – no Michelle ass for you . . .”

For some reason Shannon thought she was going to have to bribe me to go see Stardust, but I was willing to see the movie. I will say there is a scene where Michelle drops her robes, but don’t see higher than the back of her knee or lower than her shoulder, which lead me to be hopeful. Oh well, I still enjoyed the movie.

The movie Stardust, has a solid cast, including, but not limited to:

  • Michelle Pfeiffer – A mean witch, who doesn’t show her ass
  • Robert De Niro – A swashbuckling pirate, with a secret . . . Aaarrrrggg
  • Peter O’Toole – The king, who kind of gets things started
  • Claire Daines – She’s the star, no literally she is the star
  • Sienna Miller – Pretty town girl
  • Ricky Gervais – Witty as always in his role as a trader

The story centers around another world separated from ours by a stone fence. There is a hole in the fence that allows people to go back and forth between worlds. A star lands from the heavens on earth, but on the other side of the fence. This is where the adventure begins. All the actors turn in great performances, and it seems they enjoy themselves in the film.

The film is rated PG-13 for fantasy violence and a few adult situations. I typically judge a movie but who in the family likes it, and this film, my wife, my daughter and I all found the movie enjoyable.

Warning – younger kids may find the witches in the movie a bit scary.

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4 Responses to “Stardust, A Fun Fairytale”

  1. teeni Says:

    Don’t tell my husband that you don’t get to see Michelle’s ass because I still want him to take me to see this! LOL. I found you through Opal’s site and just wanted to pop in and say, nice blog you have here. I’ll be back to visit!

  2. Thomas Says:

    teeni – Thanks for stopping by, I have seen your posts on Opal’s site too. I have visisted Vaguetarian tea room, but I have been overloaded a bit lately and haven’t been reading and commenting as much as I like. With your stopping by, that reminds me to add you to my reader.

    Mums the word about Michelle in the movie.

  3. teeni Says:

    Thanks, Thomas! I’m adding you to mine as well and am learning lots more about blogging by visiting you. Thanks for that also! 😉

  4. Stardust, A Fun Fairytale — Gossip and Drama Says:

    […] not limited to: Michelle Pfeiffer – A mean witch, who doesnt show her ass Robert De Niro source: Stardust, A Fun Fairytale, Thomas – Technical […]

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