Knowledge Grows When Shared

homepage-knowledge-map-logo“Knowledge grows when shared.” – Bhartrihari (c 450-510)

I found this quote on The Thinking Blog by Ilker via David Airey’s blog post 4,000th commenter deserves a mention.

I think this quote sets the tone for my shift in how I am gauging my success with my blog. After conversations with Jeremiah Owyang, who frequently discussed building community, and reading other blogs, I noticed that I have changed what I look at first when I open the dashboard on my blog.

When I first began my blog, the metric I focused on most was Page Views, or what people were doing for me.

I’ve noticed after time, my first stop is now comments and next Technorati. I am more focused on the community that is building around my blog then the actual numbers. Sure I still check out page views, and other statistics, but checking comments first allows me to quickly respond to people that have commented on my blog.

Per Jeremiah I have also set up Google Alerts for my name, and my blog. This notifies me of posts about my blog or including name that I might not have found otherwise.

I am changing my focus what  I can do for my readers. When someone comments on my blog, I want to let them know that I appreciate their reading my content, and I value their feedback. I appreciate the community they are building, and the value they are adding to my blog. I understand that the initial post that you write is a good foundation, but comments and conversations created can definitely add value.

On Technorati, I am not so much focused on rank and authority . . . ok maybe a little, but I am more focused on catching the links to my blog, not see included in my blog stats. I can then follow these links and comment on blogs that are referencing my content.

I have found that I am enjoying blogging more now that I am focusing on my community rather than my statistics. It was fortuitous that I found the quote at the top by Bhartrihari.


10 Responses to “Knowledge Grows When Shared”

  1. teeni Says:

    I’m still new at this blogging stuff and learning about Technorati. Thanks for the info!

  2. David Airey Says:

    Hi Thomas,

    I really think you’re heading in the right direction with your blog focus. When you concentrate on the people who read your words, the experience is so much richer than looking at any numbers.

    Thanks for the mention, and I agree, the quote that Ilker uses is a superb one.

  3. Thomas Says:

    teeni – Technorati is a great place to find similar content on other blogs. It is also a good resource to allow others find your content if you use tags well. I have found that Technorati will catch links to my blog, that my blog stat software doesn’t catch.

    David – I have found that I am getting more out of the experience by focusing on the community aspect, rather than the numbers. I am striving for higher numbers, to expand my reach, but I want to foster the community that is building.

  4. Opal Tribble Says:

    My first focus has always been the comments. They are always nice to see. I do look at my search queries also it gives me an idea of what people want to see. I think I look at my page views about once or twice per week.

    I average a few new readers weekly which is very good. It wasn’t always that way.

  5. Thomas Says:

    Opal – I have noticed that you are very good at acknowledging comments on your blog, so your focus definitely shows.

    I still watch my page views just to gauge what is popular and what isn’t.

    I have definitely learned a lot by watching bloggers like yourself and David to see how you approach your blog.

  6. Commentors - I am not Ignoring You « Thomas - Technical Blogger Says:

    […] I like to respond to comments on my blog quickly as mentioned in my post Knowledge Grows When Shared. […]

  7. Thomas Says:

    Another try at leaving a comment.

    teeni – Glad I was helpful. Technorati is an excellent tool for locating posts and blogs concerning a specific topic. It also lets you know who is linking to your blog.

    David – I find that concentrating on my community is more satisfying than focusing on my numbers. I enjoy starting conversations, and need to keep in mind this is supposed to be a two-way medium.

    Opal – It is very obvious on your blog that you focus on your community. I still look at my number stats daily to try and gauge my reach, and my numbers are slowly creeping up.

  8. Jeffro2pt0 Says:

    I whole heartedly agree. It sucks when I come home only to see I haven’t received any emails telling me theres a new comment. I love conversation and I hope I can create a community around my blog, and the soon to be launched forums which allows me to get my communication high, so to speak.

    The only people I can talk to that has any clue as to what’s going on is online. The real world folks don’t have any idea as to what’s going on in the world of the internet, let alone what the heck Twitter is.

  9. Thomas Says:

    Jeffro2pt0 – Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I understand about being bummed because you haven’t received any comments. You create a post that you feel good about, post it, and then the response is completely underwhelming, and no one comments.

    I have been fortunate that people have been pretty active commenting lately, and some great conversations have resulted.

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