Scripting News – We Fact Check Your Ass

iStock_000001058040Small-715005 Dave Winer of Scripting News has an excellent post We fact check your ass, about how bloggers tend to be pretty voracious about finding the truth. In this post Dave states the few key ideas about blogging, behind We fact check your ass is:

    1. There are many of us. 
    2. We care about the truth. 
    3. We use colorful language.

This list starts to address some of the issues I raise in Sometimes the Conversation is a Slap in the Face, where I question if using overly colorful language in the message overshadows the message itself.

Dave even mentions how a mistake can be corrected once pointed out:

So here’s what you should do when you say something that’s incorrect. As soon as you realize it, correct it. Maybe offer an explanation, but that seems optional. But first and foremost, fix the bug.

Dave’s post is response to the conversations stared by Robert Scoble about Social Graph Search taking over traditional search engines like Google.

What I find interesting in this overall conversation, is that I see valid points from a quite a few people, but I wonder if the ‘colorful language’ that Dave refers to is getting in the way of the actual conversation?


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