Zoho Gets a Fresh Start

ZohoStartBetalogo Zoho gets a fresh start . . .  page that is. Zoho is announcing a new start page that will offer easy access and integration between the following Zoho Apps;

  • Writer – Documents
  • Sheet – Spreadsheets
  • Show – Presentations

Start Page Features

This new Start Page includes the following features:

  • An integrated start page on Zoho.com to access applications directly. You won’t have use separate pages to login to individual Apps, but will access the Start Page instead.
  • Use “My Docs” to view specific content types such as Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations or a list of All content.
  • Organize and manage documents by creating a folder structure.
  • Use “Shared Docs” to view documents shared to you by others.


  • My Contacts towards the bottom of the left hand navigation area, will include a list of your Zoho Chat contacts.
  • Click the drop-down menu next to a document for an menu that allows you to Open, Edit, Share, Add Tag, Delete or Export any content.


  • Click a document title, to initiate the editor for that document type in a new tab.


  • ZohoStartBeta-ZohoAppsClick Zoho Apps, in the upper right corner to navigate to other Zoho Apps you have access to, that are not currently located on the Start Page.



The Start Page is in beta, and I was informed that I would probably run into a couple of issues, which I did.

One issue I encountered I am not sure if it is a bug or a missing feature. The bug is the inability to rename an existing document using Apps from the Start Page. When you bring up the editor for a document, it opens a new tab on the Start Page. The document title, is the tab title, and you are unable to edit this content. To rename a document, you must use the Zoho App directly. I am sure that is currently just an oversight, and will be corrected quickly.


This new start page is a solid step towards an integrated console for all Zoho Apps. If you have followed Zoho at all, then you know Zoho is constantly upgrading the features and functionality of their products. Zoho also does an excellent job of acknowledging feedback, and correcting any issues that users encounter.

The Zoho Start Page is an excellent step toward a better integrated suite of online office tools. Whether you are familiar with Zoho Apps or not, you will find the Start Page easy to use and you will be able to be productive quickly.

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